Meet Sarah- Arlington VA Family Photographer

“Instructions for living a life:
Pay attention.
Be Astonished.
Tell about it.”
– Mary Oliver
Arlington_VA_Family_Photographer_McMahan01Meet Sarah! she’s the newest addition to their family and already covered in pink and tons of smooches from her two big brothers :) Arlington_VA_Family_Photographer_McMahan04Arlington_VA_Family_Photographer_McMahan08Arlington_VA_Family_Photographer_McMahan10Arlington_VA_Family_Photographer_McMahan12Arlington_VA_Family_Photographer_McMahan13Arlington_VA_Family_Photographer_McMahan19Arlington_VA_Family_Photographer_McMahan21Arlington_VA_Family_Photographer_McMahan22Arlington_VA_Family_Photographer_McMahan25Arlington_VA_Family_Photographer_McMahan29John was so quick to ask if he could hold his baby sister, and I think he dished out so many kisses that by the end of it he said “I ran out of kisses!!” Arlington_VA_Family_Photographer_McMahan31Arlington_VA_Family_Photographer_McMahan32Arlington_VA_Family_Photographer_McMahan35Arlington_VA_Family_Photographer_McMahan40Arlington_VA_Family_Photographer_McMahan43Arlington_VA_Family_Photographer_McMahan49it’s easy to share your toys when you know your sister will give them right back :)Arlington_VA_Family_Photographer_McMahan50one of my favorites :) Arlington_VA_Family_Photographer_McMahan51he thought it was too funny that she was passed out asleep in the middle of the floor :)Arlington_VA_Family_Photographer_McMahan54one of John’s favorite things in the world is the choir at their church and watching the music director. they say he always spreads out his books on the couch, and tells their family “turn to page 649!” or whatever song number should pop into his mind, and loves to practice his conducting skills :)Arlington_VA_Family_Photographer_McMahan56i think he’s going to give the choir director at their church a run for his money one of these days!Arlington_VA_Family_Photographer_McMahan59Arlington_VA_Family_Photographer_McMahan62Arlington_VA_Family_Photographer_McMahan79Arlington_VA_Family_Photographer_McMahan82Arlington_VA_Family_Photographer_McMahan84

Thanks again for having me over for the afternoon! can’t wait to see you all again soon! :)

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