Jack: 6 months- Meadowlark Gardens Portrait Photographer

“you’re safe from the world wrapped in my arms
and I’ll never let go.”
-Andy Griggs
Meadowlark_Gardens_Portraits_Rehberger01Remember this handsome little man from his newborn session? Well look how he has grown in just a few short months! Meadowlark_Gardens_Portraits_Rehberger03have you ever seen a cuter serious expression?! Meadowlark_Gardens_Portraits_Rehberger04Meadowlark_Gardens_Portraits_Rehberger07Meadowlark_Gardens_Portraits_Rehberger08one of my favorites :) this little bridge is my faaaavorite spot at Meadowlark Gardens! Meadowlark_Gardens_Portraits_Rehberger09Meadowlark_Gardens_Portraits_Rehberger12Meadowlark_Gardens_Portraits_Rehberger16Meadowlark_Gardens_Portraits_Rehberger22such a sweet baby! Meadowlark_Gardens_Portraits_Rehberger24he was clearly NOT amused by these flowers and wanted nothing to do with sitting by himself ;) Meadowlark_Gardens_Portraits_Rehberger26Meadowlark_Gardens_Portraits_Rehberger27love those baby snuggles!Meadowlark_Gardens_Portraits_Rehberger38Meadowlark_Gardens_Portraits_Rehberger41Meadowlark_Gardens_Portraits_Rehberger43Meadowlark_Gardens_Portraits_Rehberger47i could have stayed in this one spot the whole time! i love the color of those flowers, and of course that cute baby in front of them too :)Meadowlark_Gardens_Portraits_Rehberger48Meadowlark_Gardens_Portraits_Rehberger53Meadowlark_Gardens_Portraits_Rehberger54Meadowlark_Gardens_Portraits_Rehberger56Meadowlark_Gardens_Portraits_Rehberger57can’t wait to see you guys again in a few months! happy wednesday! :)

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