Meet Sawyer- Great Falls VA Family Photographer

“if you needed me
i would come to you
i would swim the seas
for to ease your pain”
– emmylou harris
Great_Falls_VA_Photographer_Vest01bwaren’t those the most precious baby toes you’ve ever seen?! I love them all curled up :) this little man had just turned 6 months old, which is my favorite age to photograph! he was feeling a little bashful at the beginning of their session, although that turned around very quickly!Great_Falls_VA_Photographer_Vest02Great_Falls_VA_Photographer_Vest05Great_Falls_VA_Photographer_Vest07Great_Falls_VA_Photographer_Vest08Great_Falls_VA_Photographer_Vest11Great_Falls_VA_Photographer_Vest12Great_Falls_VA_Photographer_Vest15such a handsome little man!Great_Falls_VA_Photographer_Vest19Great_Falls_VA_Photographer_Vest25Great_Falls_VA_Photographer_Vest27Great_Falls_VA_Photographer_Vest28Great_Falls_VA_Photographer_Vest29love these next few of Sawyer and his beautiful mama!Great_Falls_VA_Photographer_Vest34Great_Falls_VA_Photographer_Vest37mmmm toes are the best!Great_Falls_VA_Photographer_Vest39bwMegan requested a photo of Sawyers cute new diapers, but I had to include those yummy little leg rolls along with it :)Great_Falls_VA_Photographer_Vest40Great_Falls_VA_Photographer_Vest48Great_Falls_VA_Photographer_Vest52Great_Falls_VA_Photographer_Vest55

Happy Monday! :)

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