Emerson: 6 Months – Manassas Battlefield Family Portraits

“As you read my stories of long ago I hope you will remember that things truly worthwhile and that will give you happiness are the same now as they were then. It is not the things you have that make you happy. It is love and kindness and helping each other and just plain being good.”
― Laura Ingalls WilderManassas_Battlefield_Portrait_Photographer_Vines01This was my 11th (eleventh! holy cow!) time having Scooter and Ashley and their family in front of my camera since 2009, and by now you all adore this family as much as I do :) those families who allow me to be their “photographer for life” hold such a special place in my heart. The last time I saw them was for Miss Emerson’s newborn portraits, and good gracious both she and Parker have changed so much just in 6 months!Manassas_Battlefield_Portrait_Photographer_Vines02a flower for baby sister:Manassas_Battlefield_Portrait_Photographer_Vines05Manassas_Battlefield_Portrait_Photographer_Vines06Manassas_Battlefield_Portrait_Photographer_Vines11gah doesn’t she have the sweetest smile?!Manassas_Battlefield_Portrait_Photographer_Vines12Manassas_Battlefield_Portrait_Photographer_Vines14Manassas_Battlefield_Portrait_Photographer_Vines16Manassas_Battlefield_Portrait_Photographer_Vines18my favorite favorite :) Manassas_Battlefield_Portrait_Photographer_Vines19bwManassas_Battlefield_Portrait_Photographer_Vines22Manassas_Battlefield_Portrait_Photographer_Vines26Manassas_Battlefield_Portrait_Photographer_Vines27Manassas_Battlefield_Portrait_Photographer_Vines32teaching Parker and Emerson how to make a wish :) Manassas_Battlefield_Portrait_Photographer_Vines36Manassas_Battlefield_Portrait_Photographer_Vines39Manassas_Battlefield_Portrait_Photographer_Vines43melt. my. HEART. Manassas_Battlefield_Portrait_Photographer_Vines44ya know, just getting comfy :)Manassas_Battlefield_Portrait_Photographer_Vines46Manassas_Battlefield_Portrait_Photographer_Vines62Manassas_Battlefield_Portrait_Photographer_Vines65Manassas_Battlefield_Portrait_Photographer_Vines66okay this one might tied for my favorite image from their session! the light was PERFECT that evening! and goodness gracious I could have photographed these guys all day long!Manassas_Battlefield_Portrait_Photographer_Vines68Manassas_Battlefield_Portrait_Photographer_Vines70love Emerson’s little scrunchy nose smile :)Manassas_Battlefield_Portrait_Photographer_Vines72Parker was right in the middle of another verse of “‘C’ Is For Cookie” at the top of his lungs and it was the best thing ever :)Manassas_Battlefield_Portrait_Photographer_Vines77Manassas_Battlefield_Portrait_Photographer_Vines79Manassas_Battlefield_Portrait_Photographer_Vines83Manassas_Battlefield_Portrait_Photographer_Vines85and i’ll end with one last favorite:Manassas_Battlefield_Portrait_Photographer_Vines87i couldn’t adore you all any more! thanks for spending your evening with me! xoxo!

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  2. Colleen says:

    Gorgeous pictures!!! What park of the battlefield is this?


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