Scarlett: 9 Months- Leesburg VA Portrait Photographer

“promise me you’ll give faith a fighting chance
and when you get the choice to sit it out or dance
i hope you dance.”
– lee ann womack
Leesburg_VA_Photographer_Lee01this little lady has changed so much since her last portrait session! and she was quick to tell me so as she kept stretching her hands up to show me that she was “SO big!” Leesburg_VA_Photographer_Lee03Leesburg_VA_Photographer_Lee05Leesburg_VA_Photographer_Lee06she is trying her very hardest to start walking, and i bet i’ll be chasing her around by her next session!Leesburg_VA_Photographer_Lee07so SO big!Leesburg_VA_Photographer_Lee09Leesburg_VA_Photographer_Lee15Leesburg_VA_Photographer_Lee19Leesburg_VA_Photographer_Lee22love those little toes :)Leesburg_VA_Photographer_Lee23Leesburg_VA_Photographer_Lee24kisses for her momma ;)Leesburg_VA_Photographer_Lee28Leesburg_VA_Photographer_Lee31it’s her favorite party trick ;)Leesburg_VA_Photographer_Lee32Leesburg_VA_Photographer_Lee34Leesburg_VA_Photographer_Lee36Leesburg_VA_Photographer_Lee37Leesburg_VA_Photographer_Lee43i’m pretty sure this is her happy place :)Leesburg_VA_Photographer_Lee45Leesburg_VA_Photographer_Lee47Leesburg_VA_Photographer_Lee51Leesburg_VA_Photographer_Lee55Leesburg_VA_Photographer_Lee57Leesburg_VA_Photographer_Lee59Leesburg_VA_Photographer_Lee62happy friday! have a great weekend! :)

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