Victoria: One Year – Clifton VA Family Photographer

“tell me, what is it you plan to do
with your one wild and precious life?”
– mary oliver
Clifton_VA_Family_Photographer_VanHusen01this little lady just celebrated her very first birthday!! can you believe it? we celebrated with a little trip to the park and some birthday cake.. what could be better? :)Clifton_VA_Family_Photographer_VanHusen02Clifton_VA_Family_Photographer_VanHusen04Tori is a girl on the GO these days! she wouldn’t sit still for anything, especially if she saw something that looked like fun, like this little ball!Clifton_VA_Family_Photographer_VanHusen06Clifton_VA_Family_Photographer_VanHusen10Clifton_VA_Family_Photographer_VanHusen16i love that Connor put his hand on her back as he’s saying “look! look!” :)Clifton_VA_Family_Photographer_VanHusen17Clifton_VA_Family_Photographer_VanHusen21Clifton_VA_Family_Photographer_VanHusen23Clifton_VA_Family_Photographer_VanHusen24Clifton_VA_Family_Photographer_VanHusen30Clifton_VA_Family_Photographer_VanHusen31this is Connor’s version of a “family hug!” :) love love love!Clifton_VA_Family_Photographer_VanHusen32Clifton_VA_Family_Photographer_VanHusen35Clifton_VA_Family_Photographer_VanHusen37this was Victoria’s first time ever on the slide… safe to say she’s a BIG fan :)Clifton_VA_Family_Photographer_VanHusen41Clifton_VA_Family_Photographer_VanHusen42Clifton_VA_Family_Photographer_VanHusen43oooh this boy. he makes the very best expressions :)Clifton_VA_Family_Photographer_VanHusen48Clifton_VA_Family_Photographer_VanHusen52i’m pretty sure i’ve seen the saaaame look on Connor’s face many many times before :)Clifton_VA_Family_Photographer_VanHusen57then it was time for birthday cake! she dove right in! believe it or not, the majority of little ones don’t really love cake, whether it’s because it’s too new or messy or sweet, but there was no hesitation here :)Clifton_VA_Family_Photographer_VanHusen71Clifton_VA_Family_Photographer_VanHusen72i think that look on the right is her reaction to “okay just one more bite than we’re all done!” ;) Clifton_VA_Family_Photographer_VanHusen75Clifton_VA_Family_Photographer_VanHusen76Clifton_VA_Family_Photographer_VanHusen77happy 1st birthday sweet girl! :)victoria-one-year

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