Meet Audrey Grace – Arlington VA Newborn Photographer

“what makes mothers all that they are?
might as well ask, “what makes a star?”
– peter pan
Arlington_VA_Newborn_Portraits_Nicholson01Miss Audrey is the perfect addition to Allison and Matt’s family:Arlington_VA_Newborn_Portraits_Nicholson03Arlington_VA_Newborn_Portraits_Nicholson05baby toes… they are irresistible!Arlington_VA_Newborn_Portraits_Nicholson07Arlington_VA_Newborn_Portraits_Nicholson11doesn’t it look like she’s smiling back at them in this one? :)Arlington_VA_Newborn_Portraits_Nicholson12Arlington_VA_Newborn_Portraits_Nicholson14one of my favorites :)Arlington_VA_Newborn_Portraits_Nicholson17Arlington_VA_Newborn_Portraits_Nicholson21Arlington_VA_Newborn_Portraits_Nicholson24Arlington_VA_Newborn_Portraits_Nicholson27Arlington_VA_Newborn_Portraits_Nicholson30Arlington_VA_Newborn_Portraits_Nicholson34Arlington_VA_Newborn_Portraits_Nicholson39Arlington_VA_Newborn_Portraits_Nicholson41Arlington_VA_Newborn_Portraits_Nicholson43Arlington_VA_Newborn_Portraits_Nicholson45bwArlington_VA_Newborn_Portraits_Nicholson56Thanks for sharing your girl with me for the afternoon! Happy Wednesday! :)

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  1. […] you” – the carpentersthis little lady has grown and changed so much in the past year! the last time i saw her she was just about a week old, and now look at that sweet smile! :)learning to walk is tricky […]

  2. Allison says:

    Thank you so much Jessie! We can’t wait to see more.

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