Meet Jackson- Williamsburg VA Newborn Photographer

“one thing about having a baby is that each step of the way you simply cannot imagine loving him any more than you already do, because you are ballooning with love, loving as much as you are humanly capable of- and then you do, you love him even more.”
– anne lamottWilliamsburg_VA_Newborn_Photographer_Mazzitti02Mr. Jackson was quite anxious to meet his family, and he decided to make his debut almost 5 weeks early! thankfully, this little (big) guy was already 6lb 15 oz and doing so well that he got to go home almost right away, and I got to meet him when he was only 8 days new :)Williamsburg_VA_Newborn_Photographer_Mazzitti04that look he’s giving in the photo on the left? that’s the face of “look dad, why don’t you just put me in my swaddle, give me a paci, and we’ll BOTH take a nap! deal?!” :)Williamsburg_VA_Newborn_Photographer_Mazzitti07Williamsburg_VA_Newborn_Photographer_Mazzitti09Williamsburg_VA_Newborn_Photographer_Mazzitti12Madison is quite a fan of her new baby brother :)Williamsburg_VA_Newborn_Photographer_Mazzitti14Williamsburg_VA_Newborn_Photographer_Mazzitti17Williamsburg_VA_Newborn_Photographer_Mazzitti20bwWilliamsburg_VA_Newborn_Photographer_Mazzitti22Williamsburg_VA_Newborn_Photographer_Mazzitti27Williamsburg_VA_Newborn_Photographer_Mazzitti29Williamsburg_VA_Newborn_Photographer_Mazzitti31Williamsburg_VA_Newborn_Photographer_Mazzitti33Williamsburg_VA_Newborn_Photographer_Mazzitti36Williamsburg_VA_Newborn_Photographer_Mazzitti39Williamsburg_VA_Newborn_Photographer_Mazzitti50Williamsburg_VA_Newborn_Photographer_Mazzitti54one of my faaaavorites!Williamsburg_VA_Newborn_Photographer_Mazzitti56bwWilliamsburg_VA_Newborn_Photographer_Mazzitti59melt my heart! look at him puckering up his little lips too! :)Williamsburg_VA_Newborn_Photographer_Mazzitti62Joe’s mom unfortunately never got to meet Jackson, but her hands stitched every inch of the two quilts in these next few photos, so we wanted to make sure we worked her into the session too :)Williamsburg_VA_Newborn_Photographer_Mazzitti67Williamsburg_VA_Newborn_Photographer_Mazzitti70Williamsburg_VA_Newborn_Photographer_Mazzitti72Williamsburg_VA_Newborn_Photographer_Mazzitti77Williamsburg_VA_Newborn_Photographer_Mazzitti78Williamsburg_VA_Newborn_Photographer_Mazzitti80Williamsburg_VA_Newborn_Photographer_Mazzitti81hey  buddy, i see what finger you’re giving me… hopefully his ring finger doesn’t become his most favorite one to suck on ;)Williamsburg_VA_Newborn_Photographer_Mazzitti84Happy Monday! :)

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  2. Shannon says:

    These pictures….wow!! Just speechless. What an adorable little guy born into an amazing family! The pucker picture might be my favorite baby picture ever! Congrats to the new mommy and daddy!

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