Gabriela: 18 Months – Vienna VA Family Photographer

“you’re my mona lisa, you’re my rainbow skies
and my only prayer is that you realize
you’ll always be beautiful in my eyes”
– joshua kadison
Vienna_VA_Family_Photographer_Rodriguez01the last time i saw this little lady she had just celebrated her first birthday, and now she’s running around talking your ear off! i think i said to Kristy at least three different times, “i just can’t get over how grown up she is!” since they signed on for the ‘baby’s first year’ package right after gabriela was born we didn’t get to do maternity portraits, which meant that we got to tack on a session at 18 months! it always gives us something fun to look forward to, since those first 12 months fly by way too fast! look how much she has grown since then!Vienna_VA_Family_Photographer_Rodriguez07Vienna_VA_Family_Photographer_Rodriguez09Vienna_VA_Family_Photographer_Rodriguez10bubbles always add a little bit of magic to photos :)Vienna_VA_Family_Photographer_Rodriguez11Eliana was so excited to show me their garden! she was very proud of her broccoli and tomatoes :)Vienna_VA_Family_Photographer_Rodriguez13bwjust sampling a little bit of broccoli before dinner :)Vienna_VA_Family_Photographer_Rodriguez14Vienna_VA_Family_Photographer_Rodriguez20bwdoesn’t Eliana have the most beautiful eyes?!Vienna_VA_Family_Photographer_Rodriguez25Vienna_VA_Family_Photographer_Rodriguez26Vienna_VA_Family_Photographer_Rodriguez32Vienna_VA_Family_Photographer_Rodriguez33i always like including photos like this too, that still remind mamas out there that their babies aren’t completely grown yet :) such a sweet girl!Vienna_VA_Family_Photographer_Rodriguez34Vienna_VA_Family_Photographer_Rodriguez36Vienna_VA_Family_Photographer_Rodriguez43bwthis was hilarious to me, she had a piece of kale from their garden in one hand, and a cracker with pink sprinkles in the other! she would take turns taking a bite of each, although i think in the end the cracker disappeared long before the kale did ;)Vienna_VA_Family_Photographer_Rodriguez45Vienna_VA_Family_Photographer_Rodriguez46Vienna_VA_Family_Photographer_Rodriguez47Vienna_VA_Family_Photographer_Rodriguez53Happy Friday!

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