Mike and Lynnsey- Shadow Creek Wedding Photographer

“before you even knew me, you knew me best
before you ever asked me, I said “yes!”
– haley and michaels
Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Audette01this day has been years and years in the making, and i think it’s safe to say that everyone in attendance were all so ready to see Mike and Lynnsey officially become husband and wife. i’ve known these two from church for the past 5 years almost, and i remember Mike saying years ago that he was excited to spend thanksgiving that year with Lynnsey and his “future family”. he just knew she was it, right from the beginning. they are truly the very best of friends, and make the most incredible team. they are always the first to show up and help, the first to offer prayer, and each one of their friends would tell you that Mike and Lynnsey love the people in their life fiercely. their passion for God’s church and His people is something that i know is a blessing to so many people, and i can only imagine how that will increase now that they are an official team. Mike and Lynnsey, i know you had a wide range of photographers to choose from and i can’t tell you what an honor it is that you asked me to document this season in your life together. i have LOVED having you both in front of my camera (and all the time together and conversations in between!) and i had the best time with you guys this past weekend! hope you’re enjoying every moment of your honeymoon! xoxo! Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Audette23Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Audette24Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Audette28Lynnsey’s talented mom did ALL (and i do mean ALL!) of the floral arrangements for the day… from the bouquets to the centerpieces to the boutonnieres… i couldn’t get over how gorgeous everything turned out! Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Audette35Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Audette51Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Audette61Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Audette71Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Audette83gah! stooooop you are SO gorgeous my dear! Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Audette87love that shot on the right that Katie took!Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Audette89Lynnsey wanted to do a ‘first look’ with her dad and two brothers, and their reaction to seeing her for the first time was the BEST!Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Audette109Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Audette143isn’t this the loveliest group of ladies you’ve seen?! Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Audette146Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Audette153Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Audette193Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Audette198Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Audette237you guys are AWESOME. thanks for making my job so easy :)Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Audette245then it was time to get married!! Lynnsey and Mike were married at our home church, The Community Church, and i’m sure it was so special for them to be able to have the ceremony here!Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Audette313Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Audette319Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Audette323Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Audette335Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Audette339Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Audette347Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Audette348Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Audette353i loved this moment during the ceremony! they invited all pastors in the room to come up and pray over them. it was a cool visual to see how many godly mentors Mike and Lynnsey have investing in their lives, what a sweet blessing. Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Audette372married!!Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Audette386Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Audette395Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Audette404we snuck out for a few portraits while Mike was still in his dress blues and these next two on the balcony are some of my favorites from their day! Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Audette470love love LOVE!Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Audette469Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Audette479Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Audette489Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Audette494Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Audette495Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Audette498Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Audette508they had an open ceremony for anyone who wanted to come, and then had a little cupcake reception at the church before heading to the official reception. aren’t these reception details so fun?!Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Audette509Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Audette521Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Audette523Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Audette532Lynnsey has worked with the kids at our church, well, for forever! i know it must have been so special for her to be able to have some of her favorite girls there for the ceremony!Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Audette537Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Audette550then everyone headed over to the lovely Shadow Creek for the reception! first up, was a few more portraits! Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Audette555Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Audette582Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Audette601Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Audette616we had to work that American flag into at least one of their portraits just for Mike :)Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Audette619Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Audette623Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Audette629one of my favorite things about this couple is how they are ALWAYS laughing together. couples that will be playful and laugh together are always my favorite to have in front of my camera :)Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Audette634Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Audette641look at that good lookin’ group!Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Audette655true story, sometimes i end up liking that initial “wind up” as they all start running toward the couple even better than the end result (aka the image below this one!) y’alls faces in this image are all SO. GOOD. ;)Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Audette659Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Audette664Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Audette671Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Audette678Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Audette715Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Audette716Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Audette717Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Audette726Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Audette727Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Audette736we were able to catch that last little bit of sunlight! perfect timing!Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Audette742Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Audette748Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Audette764Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Audette769Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Audette793Jonathan was the first one out on the dance floor, and that’s the look that says his lovely girlfriend Katie doesn’t stand a chance hiding at her table ;) Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Audette794Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Audette848Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Audette860they got to spend almost the entire reception out on the dance floor! so fun!Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Audette861Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Audette864Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Audette865Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Audette866Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Audette867and of course, my favorite way to end the evening :)Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Audette894Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Audette895

Ceremony- The Community Church
Reception- Shadow Creek Weddings and Events
Wedding Gown- David’s Bridal
Florist- Karen Coker (bride’s mother!)
Hair and Makeup Artist- Jennifer Morin (bride’s cousin)
Catering- A La Carte Catering
DJ- Egey Levy
Bridesmaids Dresses- David’s Bridal
Grooms Attire- Men’s Warehouse
Invitations- designed by Chris Coker (bride’s brother)

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