Cedar Belle: 2 Years – Burnside Farms Sunflower Portraits

“when it’s time to celebrate
you’re the one leading my parade
with pink balloons and rainbow confetti
when I need you, you’re always ready”
– cathy heller
Burnside_Farms_Sunflower_Portraits_Covert01i absolutely cannot believe this little lady is about to turn two. i think every time i see her, which is typically at least once every couple weeks, i look at her momma and say some form of, “ah Katie she’s just so BIG! she’s so grown up!” and then we both have a moment with all the feels. in my mind she should still be about 6 months old in Mickey Mouse ears, but then i show up and she’s telling me a story about her most recent adventures and it catches me off guard each time. we’ve done flowers of Katie in poppy fields (in italy none the less!), Katie and Cedar in lavender fields, and this time around we planned a visit to burnside farms to frolic through their sunflower fields! Cedar even picked out her own outfit for the occasion, complete with a gold sparkle tutu and necklace.. did you expect anything else? :) Burnside_Farms_Sunflower_Portraits_Covert06Burnside_Farms_Sunflower_Portraits_Covert07Burnside_Farms_Sunflower_Portraits_Covert10she took her responsibility to carry this basket VERY seriously, she wouldn’t put it down! Burnside_Farms_Sunflower_Portraits_Covert13when we first talked about the idea of doing pictures here, this was the exact shot I had in my mind! :)Burnside_Farms_Sunflower_Portraits_Covert16“C’MON miss jessie!! come this way!!” Burnside_Farms_Sunflower_Portraits_Covert17Burnside_Farms_Sunflower_Portraits_Covert19Burnside_Farms_Sunflower_Portraits_Covert24love that sweet smile :)Burnside_Farms_Sunflower_Portraits_Covert30even though this session was supposed to be ALL about Cedar, i’m so very thankful my dear friend let me talk her into being in a few photos with her girl too. these next few of Katie and Cedar bring so much joy to my heart!Burnside_Farms_Sunflower_Portraits_Covert34Burnside_Farms_Sunflower_Portraits_Covert37hunting for bumble bees… or the perfect flower.. or her Elsa toy that may or may not have been hidden by the flowers ;)Burnside_Farms_Sunflower_Portraits_Covert44Burnside_Farms_Sunflower_Portraits_Covert50Burnside_Farms_Sunflower_Portraits_Covert53Burnside_Farms_Sunflower_Portraits_Covert55Burnside_Farms_Sunflower_Portraits_Covert59two of my favorite ladies :)Burnside_Farms_Sunflower_Portraits_Covert64Burnside_Farms_Sunflower_Portraits_Covert65Burnside_Farms_Sunflower_Portraits_Covert77Burnside_Farms_Sunflower_Portraits_Covert79we had about 3 minutes to make this next part happen before a huge storm came through, but i’d call this a success! i love seeing her imagination develop more and more each day, and she was so exited about the idea of doing a tea party with her baby and her animals :) Burnside_Farms_Sunflower_Portraits_Covert87Burnside_Farms_Sunflower_Portraits_Covert90Burnside_Farms_Sunflower_Portraits_Covert91Burnside_Farms_Sunflower_Portraits_Covert96love you so much sweet Cedar Belle, happy birthday to YOU!

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