Piper: One Year! – Charlottesville VA Family Photographer

“take a look at all we’ve got
and with this kind of love
what we’ve got here is enough”
– michael buble
Charlottesville_Family_Photographer_Jones01this little lady just celebrated her very first birthday at her favorite place in the world, her GDaddy and GMommy’s farm in Charlottesville! i love that we’ve been able to do so many of their sessions there this past year, starting with their maternity portraits last summer. it’s crazy to see how much Piper has changed over this past year, but oh my goodness when you go back and look at their maternity portraits you can tell that Gray has grown up so much too! we always work the whole family into every session just for reasons like that :) Happy 1st Birthday, Piper Louise! Charlottesville_Family_Photographer_Jones05Charlottesville_Family_Photographer_Jones08Charlottesville_Family_Photographer_Jones14Charlottesville_Family_Photographer_Jones19kisses for baby sister!Charlottesville_Family_Photographer_Jones20Charlottesville_Family_Photographer_Jones24Charlottesville_Family_Photographer_Jones28Charlottesville_Family_Photographer_Jones29Charlottesville_Family_Photographer_Jones30Charlottesville_Family_Photographer_Jones37we had the whole family there to celebrate Piper’s birthday and Anna had asked that once we get a few family portraits, that I spend the rest of the time just doing photos with more of that “legacy session” approach. Very candid, and just their family enjoying spending time together. You can tell that evenings spent on the back deck with a few beers and the grill going is everyone’s favorite way to spend an evening, and I love that we were able to work that into their session!Charlottesville_Family_Photographer_Jones45Charlottesville_Family_Photographer_Jones46Charlottesville_Family_Photographer_Jones50Charlottesville_Family_Photographer_Jones51Charlottesville_Family_Photographer_Jones52Charlottesville_Family_Photographer_Jones57Gray was bummed that it was too close to bed time to actually go fishing, so he went “daddy fishing” instead and tried to catch himself a daddy! Charlottesville_Family_Photographer_Jones65Charlottesville_Family_Photographer_Jones68and of course, a little birthday cake to end the evening!Charlottesville_Family_Photographer_Jones82Charlottesville_Family_Photographer_Jones86love that Piper is going for his new truck, as he’s distracted by having a bite of her cake ;) Charlottesville_Family_Photographer_Jones88birthday cake for all! Charlottesville_Family_Photographer_Jones89Happy 1st birthday, sweet girl!piper

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