Meet Sebastian – Ashburn VA Portrait Photographer

“now think of the happiest things
it’s the same as having wings!”
– peter pan
Ashburn_VA_Portrait_Photographer_Gyovai01i knew Sebastian and I would be good friends from the moment I saw him, and apparently he did too since he walked right over and asked me to scoop him up as soon as I got there! such a little love bug!Ashburn_VA_Portrait_Photographer_Gyovai02Ashburn_VA_Portrait_Photographer_Gyovai04Ashburn_VA_Portrait_Photographer_Gyovai05Ashburn_VA_Portrait_Photographer_Gyovai09Ashburn_VA_Portrait_Photographer_Gyovai12Ashburn_VA_Portrait_Photographer_Gyovai15Ashburn_VA_Portrait_Photographer_Gyovai17those eyebrows! ha! i was saying he clearly wears his heart on his sleeve, you aaaalways knew how he was feeling! :)Ashburn_VA_Portrait_Photographer_Gyovai19Ashburn_VA_Portrait_Photographer_Gyovai21Ashburn_VA_Portrait_Photographer_Gyovai24one of my favorites! :)Ashburn_VA_Portrait_Photographer_Gyovai26Ashburn_VA_Portrait_Photographer_Gyovai30Ashburn_VA_Portrait_Photographer_Gyovai32Ashburn_VA_Portrait_Photographer_Gyovai42Ashburn_VA_Portrait_Photographer_Gyovai44Ashburn_VA_Portrait_Photographer_Gyovai46Ashburn_VA_Portrait_Photographer_Gyovai51Ashburn_VA_Portrait_Photographer_Gyovai53Ashburn_VA_Portrait_Photographer_Gyovai55Ashburn_VA_Portrait_Photographer_Gyovai62Ashburn_VA_Portrait_Photographer_Gyovai63Ashburn_VA_Portrait_Photographer_Gyovai67Ashburn_VA_Portrait_Photographer_Gyovai80Ashburn_VA_Portrait_Photographer_Gyovai81Happy 1st birthday Sebastian! :)

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