Scott and Kelsey – Oatlands Historic House and Gardens Wedding Photographer

“‘cause I’m not easy to understand
but you know me like the back of your hand
i’m your girl and you’re my man
and we’re making plans”
– miranda lambert
Oatlands_Plantation_Wedding_Photographer_Einsmann01we had a few extra cute participants in Scott and Kelsey’s engagement session ;) they brought along Riley and Ellie Mae for the first part of the session, and i could tell right away that they are the light of their lives! Kelsey mentioned how important the pups were in her very first email to me, so i knew they would make their way into their portrait session :) Oatlands_Plantation_Wedding_Photographer_Einsmann07Oatlands_Plantation_Wedding_Photographer_Einsmann09Oatlands_Plantation_Wedding_Photographer_Einsmann10my favorite shot of the four of them! :)Oatlands_Plantation_Wedding_Photographer_Einsmann13Oatlands_Plantation_Wedding_Photographer_Einsmann18Oatlands_Plantation_Wedding_Photographer_Einsmann21this made me laugh so much, Riley absolutely refused to turn around for the photo and I said he looked like a teenager refusing to look at the camera ;) Oatlands_Plantation_Wedding_Photographer_Einsmann28Oatlands_Plantation_Wedding_Photographer_Einsmann33Oatlands_Plantation_Wedding_Photographer_Einsmann39Kelsey and Scott were SO. MUCH. FUN to have in front of my camera! they made my job so dang easy!Oatlands_Plantation_Wedding_Photographer_Einsmann45Oatlands_Plantation_Wedding_Photographer_Einsmann51Oatlands_Plantation_Wedding_Photographer_Einsmann54Oatlands_Plantation_Wedding_Photographer_Einsmann56Oatlands_Plantation_Wedding_Photographer_Einsmann57bwOatlands_Plantation_Wedding_Photographer_Einsmann62Oatlands_Plantation_Wedding_Photographer_Einsmann64Oatlands_Plantation_Wedding_Photographer_Einsmann77bwOatlands_Plantation_Wedding_Photographer_Einsmann88Oatlands_Plantation_Wedding_Photographer_Einsmann96Oatlands_Plantation_Wedding_Photographer_Einsmann100Oatlands_Plantation_Wedding_Photographer_Einsmann104Oatlands_Plantation_Wedding_Photographer_Einsmann114Oatlands_Plantation_Wedding_Photographer_Einsmann115Oatlands_Plantation_Wedding_Photographer_Einsmann116Oatlands_Plantation_Wedding_Photographer_Einsmann120I’m already counting down til your wedding next April! it can’t come soon enough! xoxo!

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