the scene outside my window – zion national park photographer

“today is your big moment. moments, really. the life you’ve been waiting for is happening all around you. the scene unfolding right outside your window is worth more than the most beautiful painting, and the crackers and peanut butter that you’re having for lunch on the coffee table are as profound, in their own way, as ‘the last supper’. this is it. this is life in all its glory, swirling and unfolding around us, disguised as pedantic, pedestrian non-events. but pull off the mask and you will find your life, waiting to be made, chosen, crafted.”
– shauna niequistZion_National_Park_Photographer18the most common question i was asked this summer was, “so where did you go on vacation?!” and each time i had to explain that photographers don’t reeeeally get vacation time over the summer, since that’s prime wedding season! but as soon as Miss Cindy left a comment on instagram saying, “i miss you, come see me!” i immediately worked a hole into my schedule and said “okay, when?!?” :)

the Trueblood’s lived right up the street from me when i was in elementary school, and i would stay with them before and after school (and any other moment i could wiggle my way into family!) Miss Cindy welcomed me into her family and made me one of her own for years and years. i fit right into their crew, right in the middle age wise of her own five children, but she loved me just as fiercely and put family values and good gosh so much laughter into my little heart. when they moved out to utah in 1996, i made it a point to go visit them each year for the first few years, but it’s been at least 15 years since i’ve gotten to spend more than a couple hours with her. so needless to say, we were overdue for a visit!

we hiked, talked, ate yummy food, talked more, played with super cute babies, explored other (new to me) places, and repeated that cycle many many times over my few days there. it was the perfect mix of everything my heart needed right then. it wasn’t nearly long enough!

the first morning i was there we went for a hike at a park that was literally in their back yard, and the quote at the beginning of this post really stuck out to me as we made our way to the top. it talks about stopping to pay attention to the scene right outside your window, and i was just in awe that THIS was the scene right outside their window. it’s easy to recognize incredible scenery like this, but i was challenged to go home and try harder do the same, even if my “view” isn’t as spectacular here in leesburg VA. i was better at that, at spotting the little things, a year or so ago when I took the “joy dare” and counted and named 10,000 gifts. but truth be told, i haven’t been as consistent with that this year, and i’ve felt it. this was such a necessary break to just breathe for a few days and refocus. to be reminded that taking a few days away sometimes is the most helpful thing i can do for this business of mine that i love. that new places are always worth exploring, and that lifelong friends are absolutely worth the trip.

we spent one day hiking at zion national park, and OH my gracious. photos don’t even begin to do it justice. and i made the horrible mistake of only bringing my 50 mm lens instead of a wide angle lens too, so you will just have to go see zion for yourself to get the full experience! because it was rainy the day we were there, it just made it that much more spectacular!Zion_National_Park_Photographer03Zion_National_Park_Photographer04Zion_National_Park_Photographer15Zion_National_Park_Photographer21Zion_National_Park_Photographer25Zion_National_Park_Photographer06and there were super cute babies to play with too! Auntie Sarai and Desi are best buds, if you couldn’t already tell… Zion_National_Park_Photographer35wouldn’t you want this to be your playground too? Zion_National_Park_Photographer41Zion_National_Park_Photographer46every boy needs a Mimi like her!Zion_National_Park_Photographer49Zion_National_Park_Photographer51and this handsome boy is Max! he rocks the baby rolls and chubby cheeks like no other :) the very first thing out of Desi’s mouth as soon as he met me was, “isn’t Max SO BIG?!?” so big and so stinkin cute!Zion_National_Park_Photographer58love this shot of Corinne and her boy :)Zion_National_Park_Photographer61bwZion_National_Park_Photographer65rock climbing takes lots of concentration, which clearly requires you to stick out your tongue for extra focus :)Zion_National_Park_Photographer73he’s a master at hide and seek:Zion_National_Park_Photographer76Zion_National_Park_Photographer86Zion_National_Park_Photographer88Zion_National_Park_Photographer90Zion_National_Park_Photographer105a little throwback from 1996 on the day they left VA… i think we’ve both just gotten better with age, if i do say so ;) 11999727_10100504924229909_8866663184070165084_olove you so very much :)Zion_National_Park_Photographer107Zion_National_Park_Photographer110thanks again for having me! your turn to come here next! xoxo! :)

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