The Roche Family- Northern VA Family Photographer

“you’re mad, bonkers, off your head! but i’ll tell you a secret: all the best people are.”
– alice in wonderlandNorthern_VA_Family_Photographer_Roche01this was my third time photographing this sweet family, and each session just keeps getting better and better! in the questionnaire Rebecca explained how one of their favorite saturday morning activities was baking together. as soon as i explained my ‘legacy session‘ approach, she jumped on board and said that would be a great way to start their session! i was so thankful! so enjoy some adventures in baking with james and daniel :)Northern_VA_Family_Photographer_Roche05those aprons are awesome, but those smiles are THE. BEST. :)Northern_VA_Family_Photographer_Roche07Northern_VA_Family_Photographer_Roche13rock, paper, scissors to see who got to pour the first scoop in…Northern_VA_Family_Photographer_Roche15Northern_VA_Family_Photographer_Roche20Northern_VA_Family_Photographer_Roche24Northern_VA_Family_Photographer_Roche25then we headed out to the backyard to play while the banana bread baked, and charlie was more than happy to join :)Northern_VA_Family_Photographer_Roche27Northern_VA_Family_Photographer_Roche34Northern_VA_Family_Photographer_Roche35one of my favorite shots of Sean and his boys:Northern_VA_Family_Photographer_Roche37during our game of ‘red light, green light!’, the boys introduced me to “BLUE LIGHT!” which means you have to stop and dance! :)Northern_VA_Family_Photographer_Roche40Northern_VA_Family_Photographer_Roche43Northern_VA_Family_Photographer_Roche45Northern_VA_Family_Photographer_Roche47Northern_VA_Family_Photographer_Roche52Northern_VA_Family_Photographer_Roche54Northern_VA_Family_Photographer_Roche56the boys were telling me how they spent the whole summer camping out in their back yard, complete with fire pit for s’mores and stories! Northern_VA_Family_Photographer_Roche63Northern_VA_Family_Photographer_Roche66Northern_VA_Family_Photographer_Roche70and then of course we had to sample the banana bread… looks like Daniel can’t figure out whether to give it a thumbs up or a thumbs down!Northern_VA_Family_Photographer_Roche72but it only took the boys about 5 minutes to demolish the first loaf, so i think it’s safe to say that everyone enjoyed it!Northern_VA_Family_Photographer_Roche74that puckered up kissy face just kills me… too cute!Northern_VA_Family_Photographer_Roche77Northern_VA_Family_Photographer_Roche89Northern_VA_Family_Photographer_Roche91Northern_VA_Family_Photographer_Roche97thanks again for having me over for the morning! you can go back and see their first session here, and last years session here! happy tuesday!

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  1. Hillary says:

    These are wonderful! The cooking ones are especially precious.

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