Meet Emmy- Meadowlark Gardens Photographer

“you belong among the wild flowers
you belong somewhere close to me”
– tom petty
Meadowlark_Gardens_Photographer_Bell41this little girl won me over from the moment they walked up! isn’t she beautiful?!Meadowlark_Gardens_Photographer_Bell02Meadowlark_Gardens_Photographer_Bell07Meadowlark_Gardens_Photographer_Bell09Meadowlark_Gardens_Photographer_Bell11Meadowlark_Gardens_Photographer_Bell13she brought along her favorite bunny for photos :)Meadowlark_Gardens_Photographer_Bell20those long eyelashes just slay me, such a sweet girl!Meadowlark_Gardens_Photographer_Bell22i could have done the whole session right here in this spot by these gorgeous red flowers. looks like a christmas card to me! :)Meadowlark_Gardens_Photographer_Bell24Meadowlark_Gardens_Photographer_Bell28Meadowlark_Gardens_Photographer_Bell30love this next one of Allison and her girl…Meadowlark_Gardens_Photographer_Bell32those two fingers in the mouth is a signature Emmy move :)Meadowlark_Gardens_Photographer_Bell39learning to walk is hard work, especially going uphill! ;)Meadowlark_Gardens_Photographer_Bell44Meadowlark_Gardens_Photographer_Bell50love this portrait of their family, and Emmy’s happy toes kicking!Meadowlark_Gardens_Photographer_Bell52Meadowlark_Gardens_Photographer_Bell53Meadowlark_Gardens_Photographer_Bell59Meadowlark_Gardens_Photographer_Bell60Meadowlark Gardens never disappoints! It looks gorgeous in every season, but it was looking especially lovely last weekend!Meadowlark_Gardens_Photographer_Bell64Meadowlark_Gardens_Photographer_Bell67Happy 1st Birthday, Emmy!! :)

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  1. Allison says:

    These came out so amazing! In love with these.

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