Griffin: 8 Months – Fort Sill Family Portrait Photographer

“any day spent with you is my favorite day. so, today is my new favorite day.”
– winnie the poohLeesburg_VA_Family_Photographer_Waters01this session combined my two favorite things! photographing a family in their home is always so special to me, but golden hour and some gorgeous scenery comes in at a very close second place! we were halfway through Griffin’s 1st year package when their family was transferred to Fort Sill in Oklahoma for the year, but thankfully Dave and Julie were able to prioritize their family photos and fly me out for the day just for the session, and it was totally worth it! eight months is always my favorite age out of that first year to photograph, and Griffin is about as cute as he could possibly be! this is definitely one of my new favorite sessions to date! enjoy lots of favorites! :)

we started things at their home with dinner time for Griffin:Leesburg_VA_Family_Photographer_Waters04he wasn’t taking his eyes off of me, trying to figure this big camera out, but that didn’t mean he wanted the food to stop comin’! Leesburg_VA_Family_Photographer_Waters05Leesburg_VA_Family_Photographer_Waters07Leesburg_VA_Family_Photographer_Waters09lily is the sweetest big sister, and clearly griffins favorite person in the world ;) Leesburg_VA_Family_Photographer_Waters12Leesburg_VA_Family_Photographer_Waters20those blue eyes are just tooo much!Leesburg_VA_Family_Photographer_Waters21a certain little boy just learned how to dish out kisses, and it just might be the cutest thing ever:Leesburg_VA_Family_Photographer_Waters22Leesburg_VA_Family_Photographer_Waters25and he’s also a big fan of high fives ;) Leesburg_VA_Family_Photographer_Waters34i was completely shocked that this gorgeous spot was right in their back yard! this was my first time in oklahoma and even though i’d heard this, i was shocked how flat it really was! so imagine my surprise when we drive up a little hill on base and find THIS spot! perfect light, perfect scenery, perfect evening!Leesburg_VA_Family_Photographer_Waters36Leesburg_VA_Family_Photographer_Waters38Leesburg_VA_Family_Photographer_Waters39he’s quite smitten with his big sister :)Leesburg_VA_Family_Photographer_Waters41Leesburg_VA_Family_Photographer_Waters44one of my absolute favorites!Leesburg_VA_Family_Photographer_Waters48love that little belly sticking out!Leesburg_VA_Family_Photographer_Waters50Leesburg_VA_Family_Photographer_Waters52Leesburg_VA_Family_Photographer_Waters55Leesburg_VA_Family_Photographer_Waters57Leesburg_VA_Family_Photographer_Waters59Leesburg_VA_Family_Photographer_Waters60Leesburg_VA_Family_Photographer_Waters66Leesburg_VA_Family_Photographer_Waters69Leesburg_VA_Family_Photographer_Waters70Leesburg_VA_Family_Photographer_Waters71Leesburg_VA_Family_Photographer_Waters73and i’ll end with two more favorites… love seeing these two siblings love on each other :)Leesburg_VA_Family_Photographer_Waters76Leesburg_VA_Family_Photographer_Waters77thanks again for letting me come visit! happy thursday! :)

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