Jack: One Year – Georgetown DC Family Photographer

“dragon tales and the ‘water is wide’
pirates sail and lost boys fly
fish bite moonbeams every night
and i love you”
– dixie chicks
Georgetown_DC_Photographer_Rehberger01lots can change in just six short months, huh? :) jack just celebrated his very first birthday, and since their family is about to make a big move out of state, they wanted to make sure these portraits showed off one of their favorite spots around DC for this last session in their package. we got up early early early to beat the crowd and catch the sunrise, and it was so worth it! i’m starting to love that early morning light just as much as the glowy evening light ;) and look at that sweet happy boy!! Georgetown_DC_Photographer_Rehberger08Georgetown_DC_Photographer_Rehberger09such a stud! :)Georgetown_DC_Photographer_Rehberger10Georgetown_DC_Photographer_Rehberger15look at his cute little teeth! one of my favorites :)Georgetown_DC_Photographer_Rehberger17someone is just starting to learn to walk, and he was verrry excited about it :)Georgetown_DC_Photographer_Rehberger24Georgetown_DC_Photographer_Rehberger27Georgetown_DC_Photographer_Rehberger28Georgetown_DC_Photographer_Rehberger34Georgetown_DC_Photographer_Rehberger40Georgetown_DC_Photographer_Rehberger43Georgetown_DC_Photographer_Rehberger47Georgetown_DC_Photographer_Rehberger49bwGeorgetown_DC_Photographer_Rehberger50Georgetown_DC_Photographer_Rehberger54Georgetown_DC_Photographer_Rehberger58Georgetown_DC_Photographer_Rehberger61you can go back and see his six month portrait session, and his newborn portrait session as well! happy 1st birthday, jack! :)

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