Victoria: 18 Months- Great Country Farms Family Portraits

“go out, go out I beg of you
and taste the beauty of the wild.
behold the miracle of the earth
with all the wonder of a child.”
– edna jaques
Great_Country_Farms_Portraits_Vanhusen01this was my 9th time having Connor and Victoria in front of my camera over these past couple years, so for this session we decided to do something a little different and go apple picking at Great Country Farms! everyone had a blast! at this point it felt like I was just meeting good friends at the farm for the morning, and i just so happened to bring my camera along for the fun :) we picked apples, watched pig races, played in castles, and ended with the most delicious apple cider donuts you’ve ever had. if only every session could end with donuts! ;) check out how much this girl has grown since her first birthday session: Great_Country_Farms_Portraits_Vanhusen02Great_Country_Farms_Portraits_Vanhusen04Great_Country_Farms_Portraits_Vanhusen06they had the best time picking apples, so much so that I think they left with about 5 pounds worth of apples! the kids got the hang of it REAL quick ;) Great_Country_Farms_Portraits_Vanhusen08Great_Country_Farms_Portraits_Vanhusen11Great_Country_Farms_Portraits_Vanhusen14Great_Country_Farms_Portraits_Vanhusen15love these two photos! if there was an apple that Tori had her eye on that she couldn’t reach, Connor was quick to come to the rescue. don’t you love that little smile of success on her face in that photo on the right? :)Great_Country_Farms_Portraits_Vanhusen23Great_Country_Farms_Portraits_Vanhusen28Great_Country_Farms_Portraits_Vanhusen32Great_Country_Farms_Portraits_Vanhusen34she might have sampled one.. or two ;)Great_Country_Farms_Portraits_Vanhusen37Great_Country_Farms_Portraits_Vanhusen39Great_Country_Farms_Portraits_Vanhusen41Great_Country_Farms_Portraits_Vanhusen46i think both Connor and Tori would have done this tunnel slide a dozen times in a row if we’d let them!Great_Country_Farms_Portraits_Vanhusen50Great_Country_Farms_Portraits_Vanhusen55can you see her giggling as he squeeeeeeezes her?! she’s a good spot :)Great_Country_Farms_Portraits_Vanhusen58Great_Country_Farms_Portraits_Vanhusen60Great_Country_Farms_Portraits_Vanhusen63Great_Country_Farms_Portraits_Vanhusen73Happy Wednesday! :)

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  1. Hillary says:

    How lovely! Great Country Farms is wonderful! The pictures are so sweet.

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