Ella and Luke- McLean VA Family Photographer

“you can have the other words- chance, luck, coincidence, serendipity. i’ll take grace. i don’t know what it is exactly, but ’ll take it.”
– mary oliverMcLean_VA_Photographer_Hagopian01the last time i saw Ella and Luke was at his first birthday session, and good gosh they have changed so much in the past 18 months! we started things off with a few photos for their holiday cards this year :)McLean_VA_Photographer_Hagopian04McLean_VA_Photographer_Hagopian06McLean_VA_Photographer_Hagopian09McLean_VA_Photographer_Hagopian15McLean_VA_Photographer_Hagopian19McLean_VA_Photographer_Hagopian23it was a chilly morning, but these guys were such troopers! love both of these next ones!McLean_VA_Photographer_Hagopian24McLean_VA_Photographer_Hagopian31bwMcLean_VA_Photographer_Hagopian32McLean_VA_Photographer_Hagopian34McLean_VA_Photographer_Hagopian35McLean_VA_Photographer_Hagopian42McLean_VA_Photographer_Hagopian45McLean_VA_Photographer_Hagopian47McLean_VA_Photographer_Hagopian55McLean_VA_Photographer_Hagopian58my favorite image from their session :)McLean_VA_Photographer_Hagopian62McLean_VA_Photographer_Hagopian67McLean_VA_Photographer_Hagopian71McLean_VA_Photographer_Hagopian74Matt and Whitney, thanks for once again opening your home to me! it was so wonderful to see you all! xo!

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