Meet Elsa- Reston VA Family Photographer

“so this is love
so this is what makes life divine”
– cinderella
Reston_VA_Photographer_Gieseking01i met this sweet little lady a few years ago for about 20 minutes during a holiday mini session, and i was so thrilled to be able to spend a full two hour with her this time around! we spent the morning at their home doing all of Elsa’s favorite things, which is my favorite way to photograph a family! :) even the gang from Sesame Street joined us for part of the session!Reston_VA_Photographer_Gieseking02they are some of her best buddies :)Reston_VA_Photographer_Gieseking03Reston_VA_Photographer_Gieseking04bwReston_VA_Photographer_Gieseking05Reston_VA_Photographer_Gieseking08bwReston_VA_Photographer_Gieseking11Reston_VA_Photographer_Gieseking15Reston_VA_Photographer_Gieseking19Reston_VA_Photographer_Gieseking21Reston_VA_Photographer_Gieseking23doesn’t she have the most incredible blue eyes?!Reston_VA_Photographer_Gieseking26Reston_VA_Photographer_Gieseking29Reston_VA_Photographer_Gieseking30Reston_VA_Photographer_Gieseking33Reston_VA_Photographer_Gieseking36Reston_VA_Photographer_Gieseking41Reston_VA_Photographer_Gieseking43Reston_VA_Photographer_Gieseking44love this portrait of their family :)Reston_VA_Photographer_Gieseking48Reston_VA_Photographer_Gieseking51Reston_VA_Photographer_Gieseking60and one more favorite image from their session of Colleen snuggling with her girl. this photo immediately made me think of the “Babies Don’t Keep” poem :)Reston_VA_Photographer_Gieseking69thanks again for having me over! i can’t wait to see you all again soon! :) happy monday!

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