Nathan and Sarah- Algonkian Park Engagement Portraits

“i came alive when i first kissed you
the best me has his arms around you
you make me better than i was before
thank God that i’m yours”
– russell dickerson
Algonkian_Park_Engagement_Portraits_Fisher01i have had THE. BEST. TIME. getting to know all of my incredible 2016 couples during all of these engagement sessions this past month! sarah and nathan were one of those couples that i hit it off with immediately, and i know their wedding next october is going to be the best party! i even got to meet their sadie pup during their session and she was such a sweet girl!Algonkian_Park_Engagement_Portraits_Fisher02Algonkian_Park_Engagement_Portraits_Fisher04Algonkian_Park_Engagement_Portraits_Fisher06Algonkian_Park_Engagement_Portraits_Fisher09Algonkian_Park_Engagement_Portraits_Fisher13Algonkian_Park_Engagement_Portraits_Fisher17now THAT is talent right there ;)Algonkian_Park_Engagement_Portraits_Fisher22Algonkian_Park_Engagement_Portraits_Fisher24Algonkian_Park_Engagement_Portraits_Fisher28Algonkian_Park_Engagement_Portraits_Fisher29Algonkian_Park_Engagement_Portraits_Fisher34Algonkian_Park_Engagement_Portraits_Fisher36Algonkian_Park_Engagement_Portraits_Fisher41Algonkian_Park_Engagement_Portraits_Fisher43my faaaavorite from their session! it makes me so happy! they were such naturals in front of the camera :)Algonkian_Park_Engagement_Portraits_Fisher47isn’t sarah going to be the most stunning bride?!Algonkian_Park_Engagement_Portraits_Fisher56Algonkian_Park_Engagement_Portraits_Fisher59Algonkian_Park_Engagement_Portraits_Fisher61Algonkian_Park_Engagement_Portraits_Fisher63Algonkian_Park_Engagement_Portraits_Fisher68Algonkian_Park_Engagement_Portraits_Fisher70Algonkian_Park_Engagement_Portraits_Fisher73Algonkian_Park_Engagement_Portraits_Fisher76Algonkian_Park_Engagement_Portraits_Fisher87love those fall colors!Algonkian_Park_Engagement_Portraits_Fisher92Algonkian_Park_Engagement_Portraits_Fisher93thanks so much for spending part of your weekend with me and making the trip up from virginia beach! i can’t wait to see you both again! happy tuesday!! :)

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