Meet Elliot- A Harry Potter Theme Newborn Session

“i solemnly swear that i am up to no good.”
― j.k. rowling, harry potter and the prisoner of azkaban Harry_Potter_Theme_Nursery_Lamar01Harry_Potter_Theme_Nursery_Lamar03the last time i had this handsome little man in front of my camera was at last years holiday mini sessions, and then his newborn session before that!Harry_Potter_Theme_Nursery_Lamar04Harry_Potter_Theme_Nursery_Lamar06Harry_Potter_Theme_Nursery_Lamar07Harry_Potter_Theme_Nursery_Lamar11Harry_Potter_Theme_Nursery_Lamar12bwHarry_Potter_Theme_Nursery_Lamar13Harry_Potter_Theme_Nursery_Lamar15Harry_Potter_Theme_Nursery_Lamar18you will remember simon’s awesome calvin and hobbs themed room from his newborn session, and I was SO excited when alex mentioned they were doing a harry potter theme for elliot!Harry_Potter_Theme_Nursery_Lamar24Harry_Potter_Theme_Nursery_Lamar29while alex fed elliot i snapped a bunch of photos of his nursery! it turned out so perfectly! the mural was designed and painted by Yelena Keyzman:Harry_Potter_Theme_Nursery_Lamar35love the fabric for the curtains AND this adorable dobby! every boy needs a dobby :) you can find the fabric for the curtains HERE and the etsy shop for dobby HERE. Harry_Potter_Theme_Nursery_Lamar36Harry_Potter_Theme_Nursery_Lamar37Harry_Potter_Theme_Nursery_Lamar40Harry_Potter_Theme_Nursery_Lamar41Harry_Potter_Theme_Nursery_Lamar42Harry_Potter_Theme_Nursery_Lamar43Harry_Potter_Theme_Nursery_Lamar51Harry_Potter_Theme_Nursery_Lamar53Harry_Potter_Theme_Nursery_Lamar54bwHarry_Potter_Theme_Nursery_Lamar60the cutest little gryffindor you ever did see :)Harry_Potter_Theme_Nursery_Lamar62one of my favorites! he and dobby are about the same size, for now anyway!Harry_Potter_Theme_Nursery_Lamar64Harry_Potter_Theme_Nursery_Lamar67and i’ll end with one more favorite! :)Harry_Potter_Theme_Nursery_Lamar70bwhappy tuesday! :)

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