Northern VA 2015 Holiday Mini Sessions Part 1

“girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes
snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes
silver white winters that melt into springs
these are a few of my favorite things”
-julie andrews

the first round of holiday mini sessions is HERE! this was by far our biggest year yet with 30 families joining us and it was such a joy to see each one! 20 minutes is never long enough to reconnect with so many past clients, but i’ll take what i can get! we had an incredible team of people all committed to making it happen, and it wouldn’t have happened without each one of them!

a big thank you to paul and julie and their family for hosting us this year! i was in such a panic to find a place that would work well, and as always their family graciously opened up their home no questions asked. each member of their family helped me in some way, from unloading carloads of props, helping with set up, greeting families as they arrived, making sure the basement was extra clean, and jumping all around to make little clients smile… they did it all! their family has been blessing me for the past 11 years, and i can’t explain how thankful i am for them!

beth and scott (well, mostly scott… with lots of support from beth i’m sure! ;) ) created so many pieces of the set, including putting together the teepee and building the mantle from the ground up! anytime i would have a crazy idea for something new i would text them, and sure enough they would find a way to make it happen! they were such a huge support throughout the whole process, and the set wouldn’t have looked nearly as incredible without their special touch!

a big HUGE thank you to Katie, Tammie, Julie, Beth, Katie, Danielle, and Josh for not only helping with set up and take down each day, but more importantly for dancing around, throwing marshmallows, dumping snow on my head, and doing absolutely whatever it takes to get gorgeous genuine smiles out of all the little clients that came! the only way a 20 minute session works is with incredible help like this, i literally couldn’t have done this without you!

and a yummy thank you to my mama for once again making all of the snacks! if you’re looking for the best snickerdoodles around, she’s the one with the recipe! each year clients comment on what a nice touch having homemade cookies is, and i swear that’s part of the reason people keep coming back year after year!

of course, thank you to all of the families that come out to join us! you all are the reason we do this every year and seeing your cute kiddos in their christmas best always makes my year! i can’t wait to see all of the holiday cards that are going to come from these photos!

and on that note, enjoy lots (and LOTS) of favorite photos from this years holiday mini sessions!Northern_VA_2015_Holiday_Mini_Session04Northern_VA_2015_Holiday_Mini_Session09Northern_VA_2015_Holiday_Mini_Session12Northern_VA_2015_Holiday_Mini_Session13Northern_VA_2015_Holiday_Mini_Session15Northern_VA_2015_Holiday_Mini_Session22Northern_VA_2015_Holiday_Mini_Session24Northern_VA_2015_Holiday_Mini_Session28this is the third year in a row i’ve gotten to tangle these three up in christmas lights :)Northern_VA_2015_Holiday_Mini_Session37Northern_VA_2015_Holiday_Mini_Session39Northern_VA_2015_Holiday_Mini_Session40Northern_VA_2015_Holiday_Mini_Session41Northern_VA_2015_Holiday_Mini_Session42Northern_VA_2015_Holiday_Mini_Session52babies in christmas pajamas are the beeeeest!Northern_VA_2015_Holiday_Mini_Session55Northern_VA_2015_Holiday_Mini_Session59Northern_VA_2015_Holiday_Mini_Session62Northern_VA_2015_Holiday_Mini_Session65Northern_VA_2015_Holiday_Mini_Session67Northern_VA_2015_Holiday_Mini_Session70Northern_VA_2015_Holiday_Mini_Session75Northern_VA_2015_Holiday_Mini_Session78Northern_VA_2015_Holiday_Mini_Session81Northern_VA_2015_Holiday_Mini_Session86Northern_VA_2015_Holiday_Mini_Session89Northern_VA_2015_Holiday_Mini_Session91Northern_VA_2015_Holiday_Mini_Session98Northern_VA_2015_Holiday_Mini_Session100Northern_VA_2015_Holiday_Mini_Session102Northern_VA_2015_Holiday_Mini_Session107Northern_VA_2015_Holiday_Mini_Session108Northern_VA_2015_Holiday_Mini_Session111Northern_VA_2015_Holiday_Mini_Session117Northern_VA_2015_Holiday_Mini_Session121Northern_VA_2015_Holiday_Mini_Session122Northern_VA_2015_Holiday_Mini_Session128Northern_VA_2015_Holiday_Mini_Session131Northern_VA_2015_Holiday_Mini_Session133Northern_VA_2015_Holiday_Mini_Session137Northern_VA_2015_Holiday_Mini_Session138Northern_VA_2015_Holiday_Mini_Session140Northern_VA_2015_Holiday_Mini_Session143Northern_VA_2015_Holiday_Mini_Session148Northern_VA_2015_Holiday_Mini_Session149Northern_VA_2015_Holiday_Mini_Session152Northern_VA_2015_Holiday_Mini_Session159Northern_VA_2015_Holiday_Mini_Session162Northern_VA_2015_Holiday_Mini_Session163Northern_VA_2015_Holiday_Mini_Session166Northern_VA_2015_Holiday_Mini_Session169stay tuned for part 2 tomorrow and part 3 on friday! :)

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