Benton: 6 Months – Arlington VA Family Photographer

“that peaceful easy feeling
at the end of a long, long road
you’re like coming home”
– lonestar
Arlington_VA_Photographer_Preston01remember this handsome, happy boy from his newborn portrait session? i couldn’t wait to have him in front of my camera again! those dimples melt me every time!! Arlington_VA_Photographer_Preston09Arlington_VA_Photographer_Preston10Arlington_VA_Photographer_Preston12Arlington_VA_Photographer_Preston14he has discovered the joy of blowing spit bubbles and was quick to show me all of his cool party tricks ;) Arlington_VA_Photographer_Preston15Arlington_VA_Photographer_Preston18Arlington_VA_Photographer_Preston20Arlington_VA_Photographer_Preston24another favorite :) i love that gummy smile, little dimples, and his crazy/adorable hair :)Arlington_VA_Photographer_Preston26Arlington_VA_Photographer_Preston29Arlington_VA_Photographer_Preston31Arlington_VA_Photographer_Preston33Arlington_VA_Photographer_Preston34Arlington_VA_Photographer_Preston38Arlington_VA_Photographer_Preston40gotta love his little sweet chubby cheeks!Arlington_VA_Photographer_Preston43Arlington_VA_Photographer_Preston49Arlington_VA_Photographer_Preston53Arlington_VA_Photographer_Preston54another favorite of Brittnee and her boy :)Arlington_VA_Photographer_Preston55benton loves his puppies… and they are learning to love him ;) Arlington_VA_Photographer_Preston57Arlington_VA_Photographer_Preston59Arlington_VA_Photographer_Preston64baby toes are my faaaaavorite! Arlington_VA_Photographer_Preston66Arlington_VA_Photographer_Preston71his little arm rolls… be still my heart!Arlington_VA_Photographer_Preston76Arlington_VA_Photographer_Preston79then it was time for a few stories before his afternoon nap :) apparently they are super delicious if you ask benton!Arlington_VA_Photographer_Preston82Arlington_VA_Photographer_Preston86thanks again for having me over and sharing your boy with me, can’t wait to see you all again in just a few short months! you can go back and see his newborn portraits HERE! :)

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