Thatcher: 4 Months – Alexandria VA Photographer

“hello, sun in my face. hello, you who made the morning and spread it over the fields and into the faces of the tulips and the nodding morning glories… watch, now, how I start the day in happiness, in kindness.”
– mary oliverAlexandria_VA_Photographer_Ashby01babies playing with their toes… the best ever! :)Alexandria_VA_Photographer_Ashby02Alexandria_VA_Photographer_Ashby04Alexandria_VA_Photographer_Ashby17love those gummy smiles!Alexandria_VA_Photographer_Ashby18Alexandria_VA_Photographer_Ashby19Alexandria_VA_Photographer_Ashby21thatcher’s not quite as sure about this whole scenario as turner is ;)Alexandria_VA_Photographer_Ashby24love these next three photos of erin and her boy!Alexandria_VA_Photographer_Ashby26Alexandria_VA_Photographer_Ashby27Alexandria_VA_Photographer_Ashby30Alexandria_VA_Photographer_Ashby33a little family story time with curious george :)Alexandria_VA_Photographer_Ashby35Alexandria_VA_Photographer_Ashby40Alexandria_VA_Photographer_Ashby45Alexandria_VA_Photographer_Ashby46Alexandria_VA_Photographer_Ashby47Alexandria_VA_Photographer_Ashby52Alexandria_VA_Photographer_Ashby53Alexandria_VA_Photographer_Ashby56you can go back and see thatcher’s newborn portrait session here! happy wednesday!

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  1. […] bare toes, a lovie, and puffs scattered everywhere ;) you can go back and see thatcher’s four month session, and newborn session as well! happy monday! […]

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