Mike and Katherine- Northern VA Maternity Photographer

“there is such a special sweetness in being able to participate in creation.”
– pamela s. nadavNorthern_VA_Maternity_Photographer_Lee01it was almost two years ago when i first met mike and katherine for their maternity session with miss scarlett, and now she’s about to be a big sister! i love love love getting to see the same families year after year and watch their sweet babies grow, and i’m so thankful that i’ll get to see them every four months again over this next year! you think scarlett will share her beloved big bird with that new baby sister of hers? ;)  Northern_VA_Maternity_Photographer_Lee06Northern_VA_Maternity_Photographer_Lee08Northern_VA_Maternity_Photographer_Lee12this little lady has grown so much since her 1st birthday session, and she’ll talk your ear off! :)Northern_VA_Maternity_Photographer_Lee17Northern_VA_Maternity_Photographer_Lee18Northern_VA_Maternity_Photographer_Lee20Northern_VA_Maternity_Photographer_Lee25Northern_VA_Maternity_Photographer_Lee29bwNorthern_VA_Maternity_Photographer_Lee31Northern_VA_Maternity_Photographer_Lee32Northern_VA_Maternity_Photographer_Lee34Northern_VA_Maternity_Photographer_Lee35Northern_VA_Maternity_Photographer_Lee39love this one of katherine and her girls :)Northern_VA_Maternity_Photographer_Lee41Northern_VA_Maternity_Photographer_Lee45Northern_VA_Maternity_Photographer_Lee50Northern_VA_Maternity_Photographer_Lee56you gotta take time to stop and smell the flowers ;) Northern_VA_Maternity_Photographer_Lee59Northern_VA_Maternity_Photographer_Lee61Northern_VA_Maternity_Photographer_Lee65Northern_VA_Maternity_Photographer_Lee67Northern_VA_Maternity_Photographer_Lee70bwme: “scarlett, do you see any cows? do you see any horses? do you see any big birds?!” :) :) :) Northern_VA_Maternity_Photographer_Lee71so excited to see you all again in just a few short weeks! you can go back and see Scarlett’s first year here: maternity, newborn, four month, eight month, and one year portraits. 

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