Jameson: 6 Months – Leesburg VA Family Photographer

“every prayer for you is like a seed in the ground
every tear i cry is like rain
and in it’s due season i pray a harvest will be found
your heart and mouth confessing Jesus name”
– bethany dillon
Leesburg_VA_Family_Photographer_Bickham01oh sweet jamo… what joy this little man brings to their family! his big sisters absolutely cannot get enough of him, and when he smiles it spreads across his entire face :) Leesburg_VA_Family_Photographer_Bickham02Leesburg_VA_Family_Photographer_Bickham03Leesburg_VA_Family_Photographer_Bickham04love that little mohawk he was rocking’ :)Leesburg_VA_Family_Photographer_Bickham08harper and jameson have the most adorable relationship, full of so many snuggles, giggles, and a few bites here and there ;) Leesburg_VA_Family_Photographer_Bickham13Leesburg_VA_Family_Photographer_Bickham14Leesburg_VA_Family_Photographer_Bickham17Leesburg_VA_Family_Photographer_Bickham22Leesburg_VA_Family_Photographer_Bickham23Leesburg_VA_Family_Photographer_Bickham24i can’t believe how much this girl has grown. these photos at jameson at 6 months made me think back to the photos we did of harper just after her first birthday during their summer vacation in charleston. i love all her sweet crazy curls in this photo with her momma:
Leesburg_VA_Family_Photographer_Bickham27bwLeesburg_VA_Family_Photographer_Bickham28Leesburg_VA_Family_Photographer_Bickham31Leesburg_VA_Family_Photographer_Bickham32Leesburg_VA_Family_Photographer_Bickham38Leesburg_VA_Family_Photographer_Bickham41Leesburg_VA_Family_Photographer_Bickham46Leesburg_VA_Family_Photographer_Bickham47Leesburg_VA_Family_Photographer_Bickham52Leesburg_VA_Family_Photographer_Bickham61bwLeesburg_VA_Family_Photographer_Bickham74Leesburg_VA_Family_Photographer_Bickham75Leesburg_VA_Family_Photographer_Bickham77you can go back and see jameson’s newborn portraits and birth story as well! happy monday! :)

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