Meet Cooper and Zoe- Alexandria VA Family Photographer

“i’ll do whatever it takes
i’ll make a million mistakes
i’ll make the world safe and sound for you”
– lin-manuel miranda, hamilton
Alexandria_VA_Family_Photographer_Brown01you guys, i cannot tell you how i squealed for joy when i got carrie’s email that they were coming to town for a couple days, and asked if we could fit in some updated family photos! the last time i saw them was about 5 years ago, we did the full baby’s first year package for willow before their family moved to texas. i was so thrilled for the opportunity to see them again, and meet their two newest additions zoe and cooper!! willow is the BEST big sister, if you couldn’t tell ;) Alexandria_VA_Family_Photographer_Brown02Alexandria_VA_Family_Photographer_Brown04i’m pretty sure willow is cooper and zoe’s favorite person in the world :)Alexandria_VA_Family_Photographer_Brown06Alexandria_VA_Family_Photographer_Brown10Alexandria_VA_Family_Photographer_Brown15Alexandria_VA_Family_Photographer_Brown19Alexandria_VA_Family_Photographer_Brown23willow is going to have these babies walking in no time! :)
Alexandria_VA_Family_Photographer_Brown24Alexandria_VA_Family_Photographer_Brown26Alexandria_VA_Family_Photographer_Brown28Alexandria_VA_Family_Photographer_Brown30Alexandria_VA_Family_Photographer_Brown32Alexandria_VA_Family_Photographer_Brown34Alexandria_VA_Family_Photographer_Brown40Alexandria_VA_Family_Photographer_Brown43Alexandria_VA_Family_Photographer_Brown45Alexandria_VA_Family_Photographer_Brown46Alexandria_VA_Family_Photographer_Brown52Alexandria_VA_Family_Photographer_Brown56hugga muggas all around :)Alexandria_VA_Family_Photographer_Brown58Alexandria_VA_Family_Photographer_Brown64Alexandria_VA_Family_Photographer_Brown67Alexandria_VA_Family_Photographer_Brown71thanks again for fitting me into your trip! it was so so great to see you all! i vote we make it a yearly thing instead of every 5 years, yes?!? :) happy wednesday!

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