Kevin and Allie – Meadowlark Gardens Wedding Photographer

“there’s no good reason for the way you love me
but you’re my walking dream come true
there’s no good reason for the way you love
but i thank God that you do.”
– dave barnes
Meadowlark_Gardens_Wedding_Photographer_May01i remember meeting allie and kevin at andrew and emily’s wedding back in 2014 and knew immediately that they were wonderfully adorable! i took a photo of them together during the reception and i remember thinking to myself, “oh my goodness, i seriously hope i get to photograph THEIR wedding one day!” and that day is here!! i was so excited when i got allie’s email saying that they were engaged and getting married next year! i truly had the best experience with their family for andrew and emily’s wedding, and i’m thrilled to have such a great excuse to see them all again! :) allie and kevin made my job SO very easy, and we had a blast exploring one of my favorite spots for their engagement portraits, meadowlark botanical gardens! happy viewing, friends!Meadowlark_Gardens_Wedding_Photographer_May05how gorgeous is allie’s dress?! they coordinated their outfits so perfectly!Meadowlark_Gardens_Wedding_Photographer_May09love love love!Meadowlark_Gardens_Wedding_Photographer_May15Meadowlark_Gardens_Wedding_Photographer_May16Meadowlark_Gardens_Wedding_Photographer_May17Meadowlark_Gardens_Wedding_Photographer_May20Meadowlark_Gardens_Wedding_Photographer_May23Meadowlark_Gardens_Wedding_Photographer_May24Meadowlark_Gardens_Wedding_Photographer_May32Meadowlark_Gardens_Wedding_Photographer_May37Meadowlark_Gardens_Wedding_Photographer_May45Meadowlark_Gardens_Wedding_Photographer_May47Meadowlark_Gardens_Wedding_Photographer_May55Meadowlark_Gardens_Wedding_Photographer_May58Meadowlark_Gardens_Wedding_Photographer_May60Meadowlark_Gardens_Wedding_Photographer_May65Meadowlark_Gardens_Wedding_Photographer_May66Meadowlark_Gardens_Wedding_Photographer_May68Meadowlark_Gardens_Wedding_Photographer_May73Meadowlark_Gardens_Wedding_Photographer_May75Meadowlark_Gardens_Wedding_Photographer_May77Meadowlark_Gardens_Wedding_Photographer_May84Meadowlark_Gardens_Wedding_Photographer_May86i’m already excited for your wedding next july!! :) happy monday!

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