Adam and Patricia- Burnside Farms Engagement Portraits

“i’ve been known to move too fast, get too close
but the way you move has me playing through all these thoughts of you
in a dress of white, in a diamond ring
in a love for life
and in this song I sing, you marry me”
– johnny edward
Burnside_Farms_Engagement_Photos_Proposal_Bluth01adam had created the perfect plan. he knew burnside farms would be the best spot since patricia loves sunflowers so much, and we lucked out with the peek of their season and a field FULL of overwhelmingly gorgeous flowers! he blindfolded her and led her to the middle of their maze, so that as soon as she opened her eyes she would be completely surrounded by them all. she was so in awe of the flowers and the handsome man down on one knee in front of her, that she didn’t notice me at ALL! success!! it humbles me to no end that couples invite me into occasions like this and trust me to document them. i will be forever thankful! congratulations to you both! :)Burnside_Farms_Engagement_Photos_Proposal_Bluth02Burnside_Farms_Engagement_Photos_Proposal_Bluth05Burnside_Farms_Engagement_Photos_Proposal_Bluth07Burnside_Farms_Engagement_Photos_Proposal_Bluth09Burnside_Farms_Engagement_Photos_Proposal_Bluth11she immediately dropped to her knees right in front of him too :)Burnside_Farms_Engagement_Photos_Proposal_Bluth14Burnside_Farms_Engagement_Photos_Proposal_Bluth17i believe he said something along the lines of, “i think you’re supposed to be standing for this part!” ;)Burnside_Farms_Engagement_Photos_Proposal_Bluth19Burnside_Farms_Engagement_Photos_Proposal_Bluth24Burnside_Farms_Engagement_Photos_Proposal_Bluth27one of my favorites :)Burnside_Farms_Engagement_Photos_Proposal_Bluth29i was so worried she would spot me right away, but thankfully i took a few minutes! phew! :)Burnside_Farms_Engagement_Photos_Proposal_Bluth30Burnside_Farms_Engagement_Photos_Proposal_Bluth33Burnside_Farms_Engagement_Photos_Proposal_Bluth34Burnside_Farms_Engagement_Photos_Proposal_Bluth36Burnside_Farms_Engagement_Photos_Proposal_Bluth41Burnside_Farms_Engagement_Photos_Proposal_Bluth44Burnside_Farms_Engagement_Photos_Proposal_Bluth45Burnside_Farms_Engagement_Photos_Proposal_Bluth49Burnside_Farms_Engagement_Photos_Proposal_Bluth50Burnside_Farms_Engagement_Photos_Proposal_Bluth58Burnside_Farms_Engagement_Photos_Proposal_Bluth65Burnside_Farms_Engagement_Photos_Proposal_Bluth68congratulations again! happy wednesday! :)

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