Meet Catherine – Leesburg VA Newborn Photographer

“take me home where we met so many years before
we’ll rock our babies on that very front porch
after all this time, you and I
oh my, my, my”
– taylor swift
leesburg_va_newborn_photographer_lawless01i’m so excited to introduce you all to sweet catherine, the perfect addition to todd, emily, and jillian’s crew :) this session was about capturing their new family of four, but also about this home that they’ve brought their babies home in. they will be moving out of state in the spring, and they wanted this session to capture this specific season of life in this home that they love. sessions like these that have more of a ‘lifestyle’ feel are my FAVORITE kind of sessions to photograph! :) enjoy lots of favorites! oh, and it looks like jillian agrees that baby toes are completely scrumptious as well! ;)
leesburg_va_newborn_photographer_lawless07bwleesburg_va_newborn_photographer_lawless10leesburg_va_newborn_photographer_lawless13leesburg_va_newborn_photographer_lawless17leesburg_va_newborn_photographer_lawless21leesburg_va_newborn_photographer_lawless23leesburg_va_newborn_photographer_lawless27leesburg_va_newborn_photographer_lawless30leesburg_va_newborn_photographer_lawless36leesburg_va_newborn_photographer_lawless38leesburg_va_newborn_photographer_lawless43leesburg_va_newborn_photographer_lawless44leesburg_va_newborn_photographer_lawless51leesburg_va_newborn_photographer_lawless54leesburg_va_newborn_photographer_lawless56oh you guys, this completely melted my heart. whenever jillian is having a ‘moment’ and needs a hug, she grabs her blanket and her ducky and runs for her daddy saying “dance?? dance??” and he scoops her up, she lays her head on his shoulder, and they dance. they explained that jillian wasn’t the best sleeper when she was little, and so todd would dance her around the room trying to get her to settle down, and to this day it’s still her favorite way to take a deep breath. so so sweet!! leesburg_va_newborn_photographer_lawless58leesburg_va_newborn_photographer_lawless63bwleesburg_va_newborn_photographer_lawless65leesburg_va_newborn_photographer_lawless66leesburg_va_newborn_photographer_lawless72leesburg_va_newborn_photographer_lawless73leesburg_va_newborn_photographer_lawless76bwleesburg_va_newborn_photographer_lawless79bwleesburg_va_newborn_photographer_lawless84bwthanks again for having me over! happy wednesday! :)

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