Adam and Maria – Meadowlark Gardens Wedding Photographer

“love doesn’t always look like a picture perfect storybook
oh, but sometimes it does”
– rascal flatts
Meadowlark_Gardens_Wedding_Photographer_Amerine01the 2017 wedding season is shaping up to be the best one yet! so excited to kick things off with adam and maria :)Meadowlark_Gardens_Wedding_Photographer_Amerine02Meadowlark_Gardens_Wedding_Photographer_Amerine07Meadowlark_Gardens_Wedding_Photographer_Amerine08Meadowlark_Gardens_Wedding_Photographer_Amerine09Meadowlark_Gardens_Wedding_Photographer_Amerine14Meadowlark_Gardens_Wedding_Photographer_Amerine17Meadowlark_Gardens_Wedding_Photographer_Amerine18Meadowlark_Gardens_Wedding_Photographer_Amerine19Meadowlark_Gardens_Wedding_Photographer_Amerine22Meadowlark_Gardens_Wedding_Photographer_Amerine43Meadowlark_Gardens_Wedding_Photographer_Amerine45Meadowlark_Gardens_Wedding_Photographer_Amerine49Meadowlark_Gardens_Wedding_Photographer_Amerine51Meadowlark_Gardens_Wedding_Photographer_Amerine59Meadowlark_Gardens_Wedding_Photographer_Amerine60Meadowlark_Gardens_Wedding_Photographer_Amerine70Meadowlark_Gardens_Wedding_Photographer_Amerine71Meadowlark_Gardens_Wedding_Photographer_Amerine74Meadowlark_Gardens_Wedding_Photographer_Amerine75happy thursday!

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  1. […] adam and maria’s wedding day was full of all the things a wedding day should include… meaningful traditions, good people, heartfelt words, SO much laughter, yummy food, and a pretty epic dance party :) these were the same crowns maria’s parents used during their wedding ceremony:how perfect is this little ring box?! i’d love to see one just like this at every wedding! so cute!it was a team effort navigating all those buttons and getting her into her gorgeous dress! ;)my favorite portrait from their day! since we had finished up all of adam and maria’s portraits during that hour set aside for their first look, i was even able to grab some portraits of their guests during cocktail hour! we did manage to sneak outside for just a few more minutes to catch that last little bit of evening glow!i love it when all the twinkle lights kick on in the evening! :) they always add a little extra dose of magic!oh my YUM!!i’m not even much of a cake/cupcake kind of dessert person, but these little toasted coconut ones were SO delicious!i love that adam’s son wanted to jump in this last photo with us, totally made my night :) congratulations again!! hope you’re enjoying every minute in Greece!  Venue- Historic Whitehall Estate, Bluemont VA Wedding Dress- Stella York from Ellie’s Bridal Boutique Florist- Stephanie Dasch, Diamond Events Hair Stylist- Kiera Doane Makeup Artist- Amanda Thompson Wedding Coordinator- Stephanie Dasch, Diamond Events DJ- Kirkabee Deejays Videographer- Noel Obusan (family friend) Cake- Michael of Metro 29 Diner Grooms Attire- The Black Tux Invitations- Jessie Enderle Photography- Jessica Smith Photography Engagement Portraits […]

  2. Jade Doherty says:

    Sweet and lovely photography.

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