Peyton and Megan – Charlottesville VA Wedding Photographer

“there’s a lot resting on your marriage. big stuff. God’s kingdom stuff. even though you record your marriage in years, there’s an eternal dimension to what your union represents to God’s grander redemptive story. there are a lot of people whose lives will be impacted by how you live out your love – even people in generations way on down the line from you. you start your love story with dreams; you end it with memories. but if you have invited Jesus along for the ride and let His grace seep it’s way into all those memories, you’ll get to finish your story well.”
– tim kimmelCharlottesville_VA_Wedding_Photographer_Stone01i’m so excited to be back at the thomas birkby house (one of my favorite leesburg venues!) this september for peyton and megan’s wedding! we laughed (and froze!) our way through their engagement session this past week, so i know their wedding day is going to be all kinds of fun :)
Charlottesville_VA_Wedding_Photographer_Stone05Charlottesville_VA_Wedding_Photographer_Stone06Charlottesville_VA_Wedding_Photographer_Stone08Charlottesville_VA_Wedding_Photographer_Stone15Charlottesville_VA_Wedding_Photographer_Stone16Charlottesville_VA_Wedding_Photographer_Stone19Charlottesville_VA_Wedding_Photographer_Stone25Charlottesville_VA_Wedding_Photographer_Stone33Charlottesville_VA_Wedding_Photographer_Stone34Charlottesville_VA_Wedding_Photographer_Stone38Charlottesville_VA_Wedding_Photographer_Stone40Charlottesville_VA_Wedding_Photographer_Stone43Charlottesville_VA_Wedding_Photographer_Stone48Charlottesville_VA_Wedding_Photographer_Stone50Charlottesville_VA_Wedding_Photographer_Stone52Charlottesville_VA_Wedding_Photographer_Stone55Charlottesville_VA_Wedding_Photographer_Stone56Charlottesville_VA_Wedding_Photographer_Stone59Charlottesville_VA_Wedding_Photographer_Stone63Charlottesville_VA_Wedding_Photographer_Stone65happy tuesday!

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