Meet Emerson Grace – Aldie VA Newborn Photographer

“is there any way that i can tell you how my life has changed? any way at all to let you know what sweetness you have given me?”
elise mckenna – somewhere in time
Aldie_VA_Newborn_Photographer_Campbell01a lot of people have been waiting for, dreaming of, and praying for this little girl, and she will never quite know just how dearly loved she really is :) but she’s the sweetest, tiniest slice of heaven that has stolen everyones hearts already! Aldie_VA_Newborn_Photographer_Campbell02bAldie_VA_Newborn_Photographer_Campbell03Aldie_VA_Newborn_Photographer_Campbell04Aldie_VA_Newborn_Photographer_Campbell05Aldie_VA_Newborn_Photographer_Campbell06Aldie_VA_Newborn_Photographer_Campbell07jason has the magic touch, anytime emerson is upset, he’s just got to put her in this position and she calms down almost instantly!Aldie_VA_Newborn_Photographer_Campbell09Aldie_VA_Newborn_Photographer_Campbell11Aldie_VA_Newborn_Photographer_Campbell16Aldie_VA_Newborn_Photographer_Campbell17Aldie_VA_Newborn_Photographer_Campbell18even those little cries are the cutest!!Aldie_VA_Newborn_Photographer_Campbell19Aldie_VA_Newborn_Photographer_Campbell22Aldie_VA_Newborn_Photographer_Campbell24Aldie_VA_Newborn_Photographer_Campbell29Aldie_VA_Newborn_Photographer_Campbell31Aldie_VA_Newborn_Photographer_Campbell46Aldie_VA_Newborn_Photographer_Campbell50dexter is learning to love his sister… slowly but surely ;) Aldie_VA_Newborn_Photographer_Campbell56kisses for all! ;) Aldie_VA_Newborn_Photographer_Campbell61congratulations again!! :) happy monday!

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  1. Janet says:

    Beautiful pictures!! I can’t decide a favorite!! Love all of them!!

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