Brian and Sarah – Aldie VA Maternity Photographer

“how does someone so small
hold my heart so tightly
i don’t even know you
i love you completely”
– jj heller
Aldie_VA_Maternity_Portraits_Morgenthaler01i’m so excited to have three of my favorite people on the blog today… brian, sarah, and baby morgs! ;) that little girl in sarah’s belly is due in just a few short weeks, and it’s safe to say she’s got a ton of people that are dying to see her sweet face! it’s been the biggest blessing to walk with my dear friend from the very beginning of her pregnancy, and to see her embrace each new season of it with grace, excitement, and joy. she’s going to be the best mama! baby morgs is the luckiest girl to have these two as her parents. thanks for letting me talk you two into taking maternity portraits ;) love you guys!
Aldie_VA_Maternity_Portraits_Morgenthaler05Aldie_VA_Maternity_Portraits_Morgenthaler08Aldie_VA_Maternity_Portraits_Morgenthaler09Aldie_VA_Maternity_Portraits_Morgenthaler19Aldie_VA_Maternity_Portraits_Morgenthaler20Aldie_VA_Maternity_Portraits_Morgenthaler23Aldie_VA_Maternity_Portraits_Morgenthaler27Aldie_VA_Maternity_Portraits_Morgenthaler32Aldie_VA_Maternity_Portraits_Morgenthaler36Aldie_VA_Maternity_Portraits_Morgenthaler37Aldie_VA_Maternity_Portraits_Morgenthaler46Aldie_VA_Maternity_Portraits_Morgenthaler51Aldie_VA_Maternity_Portraits_Morgenthaler52Aldie_VA_Maternity_Portraits_Morgenthaler59Aldie_VA_Maternity_Portraits_Morgenthaler65Aldie_VA_Maternity_Portraits_Morgenthaler68Aldie_VA_Maternity_Portraits_Morgenthaler71Aldie_VA_Maternity_Portraits_Morgenthaler73Aldie_VA_Maternity_Portraits_Morgenthaler75Aldie_VA_Maternity_Portraits_Morgenthaler79Aldie_VA_Maternity_Portraits_Morgenthaler85Aldie_VA_Maternity_Portraits_Morgenthaler87bwhappy tuesday! :)

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