Meet Josslyn- Clifton VA Family Photographer

“when the voices in your head are anything but kind
and you can’t believe your Father knows best
i love you just the way that you are
i love the way He’s shaping your heart”
– andrew peterson
Clifton_VA_Family_Photographer_Colombo01i have been waiting this whole year to meet miss josslyn, and she celebrated her first birthday this past wednesday which was the perfect opportunity for us to get together! i had the privilege to photograph kevin and heather’s gorgeous wedding and it seemed fitting that we bring josslyn back to the same spot we took their engagement portraits: downtown clifton! josslyn had me melting over her from the moment i met her, but i knew she and i would be best buds :) enjoy lots of favorites, and happy 1st birthday sweet girl! Clifton_VA_Family_Photographer_Colombo01bClifton_VA_Family_Photographer_Colombo02that scrunchy nose smile gets me eeeeevery time!Clifton_VA_Family_Photographer_Colombo05Clifton_VA_Family_Photographer_Colombo08Clifton_VA_Family_Photographer_Colombo09Clifton_VA_Family_Photographer_Colombo10Clifton_VA_Family_Photographer_Colombo15Clifton_VA_Family_Photographer_Colombo17we wandered down this side street looking for one thing, and stumbled across this perfect spot instead! i think i could have done their entire session right here and been perfectly content with it :) Clifton_VA_Family_Photographer_Colombo18Clifton_VA_Family_Photographer_Colombo20Clifton_VA_Family_Photographer_Colombo21Clifton_VA_Family_Photographer_Colombo27Clifton_VA_Family_Photographer_Colombo28Clifton_VA_Family_Photographer_Colombo32Clifton_VA_Family_Photographer_Colombo38Clifton_VA_Family_Photographer_Colombo45Clifton_VA_Family_Photographer_Colombo46Clifton_VA_Family_Photographer_Colombo47Clifton_VA_Family_Photographer_Colombo51Clifton_VA_Family_Photographer_Colombo51bClifton_VA_Family_Photographer_Colombo52Clifton_VA_Family_Photographer_Colombo60and we ended the session with one of her favorite things, if you couldn’t tell ;) Clifton_VA_Family_Photographer_Colombo68happy friday! :)

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