Blakesley: One Year – Northern VA Family Photographer

“heres to you
every missing tooth, every bedtime story
here’s to barbie cars, light saber wars
had to crawl before you walked, before you ran
before i knew it you were teaching me
the only thing love can
hold hands through it
when it’s scary, you’ve got me”
– nichole nordeman
Northern_VA_Family_Photographer_Vines01it had been WAY too long since i’ve had one of my favorite families in front of my camera, but their sweet blakesley recently turned one, so of course we had to get something on the calendar! if you’ve been around my blog for a while, you will know and love this family as much as i do! you can go back and see blakesley’s newborn session here, it’s so crazy to me how much all THREE of them have grown and changed this past year! we did more of a “lifestyle” session in their home, and they invited me in for the morning to catch all the stories, dance parties, light saber wars, and tickle parties, and i wouldn’t have had it any other way! my favorite place to photograph a family is always always always in their home! enjoy lots of favorites of some of my favorite people! :)Northern_VA_Family_Photographer_Vines02Northern_VA_Family_Photographer_Vines04look at that scrunchy nose smile! be still my heart!Northern_VA_Family_Photographer_Vines05emerson’s curls are seriously the best thing i’ve ever seen!
Northern_VA_Family_Photographer_Vines06Northern_VA_Family_Photographer_Vines09Northern_VA_Family_Photographer_Vines15Northern_VA_Family_Photographer_Vines19Northern_VA_Family_Photographer_Vines22Northern_VA_Family_Photographer_Vines23Northern_VA_Family_Photographer_Vines25Northern_VA_Family_Photographer_Vines29Northern_VA_Family_Photographer_Vines30Northern_VA_Family_Photographer_Vines32something tells me scooter and ashley spend a good chunk of the day playing “catch the kid” ;) Northern_VA_Family_Photographer_Vines33Northern_VA_Family_Photographer_Vines34Northern_VA_Family_Photographer_Vines35Northern_VA_Family_Photographer_Vines37Northern_VA_Family_Photographer_Vines42Northern_VA_Family_Photographer_Vines44Northern_VA_Family_Photographer_Vines47Northern_VA_Family_Photographer_Vines51Northern_VA_Family_Photographer_Vines59blakesley (just like emerson and parker) was not a big fan of the cake. she had fun making a mess with it for about 5 minutes, but once a big chunk of icing got on her foot she was ready to be DONE! ;) Northern_VA_Family_Photographer_Vines64i think this sums up her feelings towards cake ;) Northern_VA_Family_Photographer_Vines66Northern_VA_Family_Photographer_Vines69you see her lifting her foot up off the ground? she was not a fan of the mess!Northern_VA_Family_Photographer_Vines71Northern_VA_Family_Photographer_Vines73emerson showed her how it’s done! once emmie showed up blakesley was a bit more willing to try again :)Northern_VA_Family_Photographer_Vines75Northern_VA_Family_Photographer_Vines77love you guys! thanks again for having me over! happy monday! :)

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