The Hamrick Family- Disney World Family Portrait Session

“and that’s my home where dreams are born
and time is never planned
just think of lovely things
and your heart will fly on wings
in never, neverland.”
Disney_World_Family_Portrait_Session_Hamrick01we’ve been dreaming about this session for almost a year now, and this past Monday it finally happened! I mentioned on instagram that I’d love to do some portrait sessions at Disney world, and Paige was one of the first to reach out and say, “we’re in!” :) this is very much “home” for their family as well, and we had the best morning walking around the park playing, riding a few rides, meeting a few characters, and exploring their happy place. I’m already excited for more sessions here over the next few years! who else wants to add a bit of magic to their next portrait session?! :) Disney_World_Family_Portrait_Session_Hamrick03Disney_World_Family_Portrait_Session_Hamrick05Disney_World_Family_Portrait_Session_Hamrick10Disney_World_Family_Portrait_Session_Hamrick11Disney_World_Family_Portrait_Session_Hamrick16those “empty” castle shots are totally worth the extra early morning start time! :)
Disney_World_Family_Portrait_Session_Hamrick18Disney_World_Family_Portrait_Session_Hamrick26Disney_World_Family_Portrait_Session_Hamrick27Disney_World_Family_Portrait_Session_Hamrick38Disney_World_Family_Portrait_Session_Hamrick45Disney_World_Family_Portrait_Session_Hamrick49better luck next year guys! ;)Disney_World_Family_Portrait_Session_Hamrick58Disney_World_Family_Portrait_Session_Hamrick60Disney_World_Family_Portrait_Session_Hamrick62Disney_World_Family_Portrait_Session_Hamrick63Disney_World_Family_Portrait_Session_Hamrick65Disney_World_Family_Portrait_Session_Hamrick76Disney_World_Family_Portrait_Session_Hamrick80Disney_World_Family_Portrait_Session_Hamrick85this is by far my favorite view in the mornings at this park. the light always hits it so perfectly! Disney_World_Family_Portrait_Session_Hamrick88Disney_World_Family_Portrait_Session_Hamrick92Disney_World_Family_Portrait_Session_Hamrick98Disney_World_Family_Portrait_Session_Hamrick101we ran into a few familiar faces throughout the day :) Disney_World_Family_Portrait_Session_Hamrick102Disney_World_Family_Portrait_Session_Hamrick107Disney_World_Family_Portrait_Session_Hamrick126Disney_World_Family_Portrait_Session_Hamrick127Disney_World_Family_Portrait_Session_Hamrick130Disney_World_Family_Portrait_Session_Hamrick145Disney_World_Family_Portrait_Session_Hamrick146Disney_World_Family_Portrait_Session_Hamrick149Disney_World_Family_Portrait_Session_Hamrick150Disney_World_Family_Portrait_Session_Hamrick154Disney_World_Family_Portrait_Session_Hamrick155and of course no trip to the magic kingdom is complete without a stop at the confectionery! Disney_World_Family_Portrait_Session_Hamrick156and I’ll end with one last favorite :) with a big SMACK of a kiss for both Saad and Mickey! Disney_World_Family_Portrait_Session_Hamrick158thank again for inviting me to tag along! I had the best time with you all! thanks for helping make this dream come true! :) xo!

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  1. Kendall Maxedon says:

    I’m looking for information on a DW family session. It would be 2 girls, myself (mom), grandparents, and adult sister (with special needs). Also, can you do photos on the TeaCup ride? It’s my sister’s favorite ride. We will be there Sept 19th, 20th, 21st, and 22nd.

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