Meet Josephine – Loudoun VA Birth Photographer

“i remember when you were just a heartbeat that i heard
and now our eyes meet
forever is not enough to love you…”
– Bethany dillon
Loudoun_VA_Birth_Photographer_Rodriguez01this past Tuesday was pure magic. there is something so sacred about being able to document someones first breaths. the first time their mama looks them in the eye. the first embrace. the first tears. the first snuggles. the first time sisters meet. the relief that comes knowing, “wow I did it! she’s here!” watching a family fall completely in love with it’s newest piece. photographing the tears that fall because you weren’t sure you were ever going to get that final piece of your family’s puzzle, and now here they are in your arms. the journey of the day and the waves of struggle, relief, struggle, joy, struggle, rest, struggle, and overwhelming all consuming bliss that wash over you… it’s just… the absolute best. this job that I get to do? it blows me away sometimes. nicole, dan, and eva, thank you THANK YOU for letting me be a small part of such a special day for your family.Loudoun_VA_Birth_Photographer_Rodriguez06Loudoun_VA_Birth_Photographer_Rodriguez10-2Loudoun_VA_Birth_Photographer_Rodriguez16Loudoun_VA_Birth_Photographer_Rodriguez19Loudoun_VA_Birth_Photographer_Rodriguez23Loudoun_VA_Birth_Photographer_Rodriguez33Loudoun_VA_Birth_Photographer_Rodriguez37Loudoun_VA_Birth_Photographer_Rodriguez40Loudoun_VA_Birth_Photographer_Rodriguez45Loudoun_VA_Birth_Photographer_Rodriguez47Loudoun_VA_Birth_Photographer_Rodriguez48Loudoun_VA_Birth_Photographer_Rodriguez53Loudoun_VA_Birth_Photographer_Rodriguez57Loudoun_VA_Birth_Photographer_Rodriguez64Loudoun_VA_Birth_Photographer_Rodriguez67Loudoun_VA_Birth_Photographer_Rodriguez70Loudoun_VA_Birth_Photographer_Rodriguez78Loudoun_VA_Birth_Photographer_Rodriguez79Loudoun_VA_Birth_Photographer_Rodriguez86Loudoun_VA_Birth_Photographer_Rodriguez89Loudoun_VA_Birth_Photographer_Rodriguez91Loudoun_VA_Birth_Photographer_Rodriguez92Loudoun_VA_Birth_Photographer_Rodriguez98Loudoun_VA_Birth_Photographer_Rodriguez102Loudoun_VA_Birth_Photographer_Rodriguez107Loudoun_VA_Birth_Photographer_Rodriguez126Loudoun_VA_Birth_Photographer_Rodriguez128Loudoun_VA_Birth_Photographer_Rodriguez131Loudoun_VA_Birth_Photographer_Rodriguez132Loudoun_VA_Birth_Photographer_Rodriguez135Loudoun_VA_Birth_Photographer_Rodriguez138Loudoun_VA_Birth_Photographer_Rodriguez141Loudoun_VA_Birth_Photographer_Rodriguez143Loudoun_VA_Birth_Photographer_Rodriguez147Loudoun_VA_Birth_Photographer_Rodriguez156Loudoun_VA_Birth_Photographer_Rodriguez159-2this little lady celebrated her 4th birthday on Monday, and it still seems like just yesterday we were at the hospital photographing her birth day!Loudoun_VA_Birth_Photographer_Rodriguez168Loudoun_VA_Birth_Photographer_Rodriguez172Loudoun_VA_Birth_Photographer_Rodriguez175Loudoun_VA_Birth_Photographer_Rodriguez182Loudoun_VA_Birth_Photographer_Rodriguez186I’m not sure it gets any better than this… a baby in one hand, and pizza in the other! Loudoun_VA_Birth_Photographer_Rodriguez192Eva needed to keep an eye (and usually also a hand) on ‘baby Josie’ at ALL times! :)Loudoun_VA_Birth_Photographer_Rodriguez196Loudoun_VA_Birth_Photographer_Rodriguez204Loudoun_VA_Birth_Photographer_Rodriguez207Loudoun_VA_Birth_Photographer_Rodriguez213Loudoun_VA_Birth_Photographer_Rodriguez217Loudoun_VA_Birth_Photographer_Rodriguez218the next day we did a little quick ‘fresh48’ session to get a few announcement photos, and Eva could not get her hands on Josie fast enough! I’m pretty sure she’s not going to put this baby down until she’s 25 yeas old. Loudoun_VA_Birth_Photographer_Rodriguez219we referenced something Josie would do “when she gets bigger” and Eva almost burst into tears… “nooo but I want her to stay little like thiiiis!” :) you and me both, kid. you and me BOTH. Loudoun_VA_Birth_Photographer_Rodriguez220Loudoun_VA_Birth_Photographer_Rodriguez221Loudoun_VA_Birth_Photographer_Rodriguez223Loudoun_VA_Birth_Photographer_Rodriguez224Loudoun_VA_Birth_Photographer_Rodriguez225I remember talking to Nicole before the baby was born and she was wondering how Eva would do in her new ‘big sister’ role. I’m pretty sure my exact words were, “oh I think she’s going to take to it like a FISH to WATER.” safe to say, I was right! Loudoun_VA_Birth_Photographer_Rodriguez226

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