“So I’ll keep my eyes open, awed and amazed And if you start to doubt it I’ll remind you of the million ways I see it, I see it I swear I do I see extraordinary magic in you.” -Ben Rector Can you believe an entire year has flown by since Leo’s dreamy newborn session? […]

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“One look at you My whole life falls in line I prayed for you Before I called you mine Oh, I can’t believe it’s true sometimes Oh, I can’t believe it’s true I get to love you It’s the best thing that I’ll ever do I get to love you.” – Ruelle Back in January […]

What: One 15-20 minute mini portrait session, resulting in 15 high resolution edited files available for downloading with a print release- perfect for holiday cards and gifts! **UPDATE: all mini sessions on both days are SOLD OUT! You can email to be placed on a waiting list in the case of cancellations** Option One: Fall […]

“And I could’ve been another minute late And you’d never would’ve crossed my path that day And when it seems true love is hard to find That’s when love comes along Just in time… It can happen so fast Or a little too late Timing is everything” -Garrett Hedlund The theme of this day? Timing […]

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“What a perfect moment when the stars aligned when you put your hand in mine and every day of my life has led me to that perfect moment with you.” – Darden Smith I’ve got a fun one for you today! Jonathan called me a few months ago wanting to plan the perfect way to […]

“for here you are, standing there, loving me…” – the sound of music As much as I hate that covid has forced so many couples to alter their wedding day plans, I will always have a soft spot in my heart for these micro weddings! I’ve always said that I’d want to elope one day […]

Goodness gracious, have you missed this little man as much as I have?! The last time I saw Jackson was back in February for his 5 month session, and I was so excited when we were finally able to get a date for his first birthday session on the calendar! Jackson truly has the sweetest, most content spirit. He’s so observant and happy to take in whatever Matt and Megan want to show him; he’s the best little sidekick :) I have so enjoyed all of my time with Matt and Megan and their family, I wish they lived closer! We met up last week for the morning, and while it was pretty darn cold outside, Jackson was so happy just to walk around and explore, and even made friends with a goat or two ;) Happy 1st Birthday little man! Can’t wait to see you guys again soon!

love all of his different expressions :) he has the most adorable little grin :) Megan said it takes a lot to really get Jackson to give a big belly laugh, but he has this little grin on his face most of the time :) even their pup Sadie came along for the trip! blowing kisses to his mama while he drives away :) he LOVED this little goat! I think it was a mutual affection :) sweet baby :) how adorable are his little carhartt overalls?! it was QUITE chilly out that morning, but he was such a trooper and didn’t fuss at all… little rosy cheeks and all! love these next two: that shot on the right? one of my absolute favorites! i love how he naturally leaned into Matt too :) Happy Thursday! :)

Meet Natalie and Pat, another one of my amazing 2014 couples! We met up for their engagement session last week, and Oatlands in the fall is one of my favorite places! It has so much charm and character and looks amazing decorated in all the pretty fall colors :) I’m so thankful there are people like Natalie in this world, she works with exotic animals (which she explained basically means anything beyond dogs and cats and typical pets!) and spends her days caring for all kinds of creepy crawly things. Thank goodness for people like Natalie who love things like that, because people like ME wouldn’t stand a chance at that kind of job! I love how Pat has adopted her love of exotic animals, and how they truly support each others dreams no matter what. I’m excited to see where life is going to take them, and what kind of critters they will accumulate along the way ;) Happy viewing, friends!
like I said, Oatlands in the fall is pretty tough to beat! :) one of my favorites! LOVE these next two black and white shots!  Happy Wednesday!

You have asked about this for years now… and I’m SO excited to finally announce that this year I’m offering a day of completely stylized HOLIDAY MINI SESSIONS!! YAY!

Mini Session Details:
What: 20 minute stylized session, resulting in 15-20 high resolution edited files available for download with a print release (perfect for Christmas cards and gifts!)
Where: Fairfax, VA
When: Saturday November 23rd, with a rain date of Saturday November 30th
Time Slots available from 9:00-11:20 AM and 1:00-4:40 PM
Cost: $200 ($175 for past clients) includes up to 5 people, $20 each additional person

Appointments are open TODAY and will be available first to all past clients until Wednesday October 30th, and then any remaining time slots will be opened up to new clients! Email jessicasmithphotography@gmail.com to reserve your session!

Are you excited yet?!? I have an INCREDIBLE team who helped bring my vision to life and created a gorgeous set for us to use! There are banners, sleds, antique christmas lights, wagons, christmas trees, maybe a little SNOW, and so much more! :) Here’s a little sneak peek of just a FEW of the things that will be waiting for you…
“Hold on, Harper! Here we go!!” Contact me for more information or to reserve your time slot today!! SO excited to see so many of you in November!

I pulled up in front of the house and already I could see Daniels sweet face sitting in the window waving to me with a big smile on his face. Right away I knew it was going to be a great session :) We spent a few hours just playing in their back yard, which I loved! There was no big fancy planning, no props, just their family spending time together. I’m so excited that more of my clients are opting for this kind of “lifestyle” session, where I get to come in and just photograph them in their own space. The kids are always more comfortable in their own home, which helps everyone relax! This was actually their first official family portrait session, and I definitely think this is the way to do it! No big lights, no forcing the boys to sit and smile, but just letting everyone run around and play! It ends up being a bit of a workout for the parents, but the results are totally worth it :) Sean and Rebecca, thanks for letting me hang with your sweet boys for the afternoon! Hope to see you all again soon! :)

This is Daniel, he’s the baby brother :) When I walked through the door Rebecca held out her hand to shake mine, and for the first time ever Daniel held out his little hand and did the same! It was absolutely precious! He had no idea what he was doing, but if his mama was doing it then clearly it was a good idea ;) Right before I left when I was taking a picture of just Daniel, we asked him to give their puppy a kiss, and he walked up to me and gave me one instead :) between the handshake when I got there and his little kiss when I left, he had me wrapped around his little finger! :) and this is James, he’s the big brother! He has the best little giggle :) He is so creative, whether he was using his toy block as a gun or telling me a story about the fire men that go with his toy fire truck and the adventures they go on, he was so happy and easy going throughout the whole session and always had a smile on his face :) my favorite from our session :) like I said, it was a bit of a workout for Rebecca and Sean ;) love this shot though! Love Daniel’s little scrunchy nose smile here :) love this sweet moment as the result of a little sneak attack by James :) and this is Charlie! I can tell he gets a LOT of love from James and Daniel ;) oh. my. gracious! those eyes! Rebecca explained that anytime Daniel gets in trouble he makes this little pouty face you see here. They said he’s pretty sensitive and hates feeling like he got in trouble, so he will just sit and pout for a minute with these big sad puppy dog eyes! too cute :) and then one quick hug from his daddy fixes everything :) and he’s back to his smiley self :) at the end of the session we were needing a few “reinforcements” to get those last couple photos, so I said “James, show me your ‘i want a piece of CANDY smile!!'”… and this is what I got ;) ah! he just kills me in this next one! i don’t even remember what he was doing at this particular moment (I think maybe trying to tickle me with that stick in his hands?) but regardless his little puckered lips and big blue eyes are just too much to handle! SO stinkin cute!
and at the end we made sure to fit in a few pictures of Rebecca and Sean too :) another favorite :) Happy Friday!

I think every photographer out there will tell you that they have a love/hate relationship with the month of October. It’s the busiest month/season of the year for me which means I get to hang out with clients that I love and I can’t get enough of all the gorgeous fall colors right now! But at the same time, that also means a LOT more late nights and hours spent in front of my computer so I can get all these pretty pictures back to my clients asap! So needless to say, all the RAIN we’ve had this month has not been welcome in my world! Kathleen had her engagement session on the calendar for a while now, and their original date was gross outside. It was the kind of day where we probably COULD have kept their session, but I knew that it wasn’t ideal for sure, and I also knew that they deserved a gorgeous fall day for their session that Kathleen and Tielor had been dreaming of! So we decided to be flexible and bump their session back by a week or two, and ended up with the most PERFECT gorgeous fall afternoon for their engagement session at Colvin Run Million over in Great Falls!

I always love my time with couples during their engagement session, it helps me really get to know them better and see how they interact in front of the camera. Typically it takes clients a few minutes to get “warmed up” to the camera if you will, but with Kathleen and Tielor these first photos I took were some of my favorites! They were laughing and relaxed right from the beginning, so I can only imagine how these two will rock it out on their wedding day next July! :) Happy viewing, friends! see what I mean?! I knew this was going to be a great session RIGHT from the beginning! :) another favorite :) I said to Kathleen, “i bet you spend a lot of time on your tip toes, huh?” to which she laughed and quickly responded “I have to! he’s so tall!” :) LOVE these! I knew these would be favorites from the moment I took them! Love all the texture and color that a place like Colvin Run Mill offers :) Happy Wednesday!