John is ONE!- Virginia Beach Photographer

Yesterday was so bittersweet for me; I was beyond thrilled to spend more time with the Stone Family and their sweet John Bear, but at the same time super sad that our ‘Baby’s First Year’ package has come to an end. I can’t believe how much bigger John has gotten since I saw him last time for his 9 month pictures (eh you might as well look back at his six month and three month pictures too while you’re at it ;0) ) and he is sweeter than ever. I can’t really explain to you adequately what a joy John is and how dearly loved this little boy is. Every time he smiles, starts kicking his happy dancing feet, or starts babbling back when his parents talk to him, those are all treasured moments. Moments that we have all been praying for. God has been answering big prayers for their family, and I would ask that you keep praying and rejoicing with them in the little moments. I wish you could all meet John and see his cheery, sweet disposition. He is such a mighty warrior of God already, and I’m so thankful that I’ve gotten to watch him grow this past year. Meade and Mary Elizabeth, thank you for sharing your precious son with me and making me feel so welcome in your home. Can’t wait to see you again soon, please know you’re always in my prayers!

this picture makes me smile every time I look at it.. look at that little toothy grin!! :0) john1john2john3oh my goodness, but this one gets me too.. look at that cool kid! “heck YEAH i’m ONE!” john4Every first birthday should include some cake squishing :0) john5john6john7john8john9john10add the hat, and NOW its a party!!!! :0) john11john12john13john14john15john16john17Happy Birthday to you!!! john18John was not the only birthday  boy to celebrate; I’m sure that his twin brother Warren had QUITE the party in Heaven with Jesus, complete with balloons, fun party hats, and lots of cake squishing too! We wanted to make sure that we included Warren in this session, so we decided to send some birthday balloons to him. Just like Lauren told me the other week when we were sending Valentines to Jesus and to her sister Ashley who is with Jesus and Warren, “all you have to do is attach your message to a balloon and send it up, up, up to Heaven and they’ll know exactly who its from!” john19john20john21john22Happy 1st Birthday Warren and John!! Thanks for letting me celebrate with you! :0)

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  1. Lindsey Burke says:

    All of these pictures are wonderful!! Love his eyes and his smile!

  2. Lila Winchester says:

    What precious pictures. He is such a happy little boy! I loved every picture!!!

  3. maria kitchin says:

    love them all!!!

  4. Anna Kate says:

    So beautiful.

  5. Mary Jacob Rankin says:

    “awww….that is the cutest baby EVER!” – this was a quote from one of the little girls in my class who saw John’s picture at snack time. I think she is right! Beautiful pictures.

  6. Kristen says:

    Love the pictures – John is such a beautiful boy!

  7. George Case says:

    Mary Liz! and Meade! He is soooo cute… and look at all that hair. I love it. Such a handsome boy!

  8. Hannah says:

    These are all so precious!!

  9. Carolyn Boyd says:

    Happy Birthday John from Pastor Sam and Carolyn…what a beautiful family!!!

  10. Brooke says:

    Love these. John is precious.

  11. Emily Luck says:

    I also love him in all his blue. It really makes those gorgeous blue eyes pop! And what a cute 1 year outfit. You all are such a beautiful family, inside and out.

  12. Emily Luck says:

    What a gorgeous smile!! Those bottom 2 teeth are so precious. I can’t believe how big he is getting.

  13. karen marsh says:

    way to get into that cake, john. happy birthday to you! with love and kisses from charles, karen, will, henry and nan

  14. Catherine says:

    Is he not the most gorgeous and happy looking baby?!?! the photographs are stunning and it’s easy to see how with such a handsome subject! It’s amazing how much of both of Meade and ME that you can so easily see! Happy birthday John! And congrats on such beautiful first birthday photos! : )

  15. Kate says:

    Cute and cute.

  16. Rosalyn says:

    I love all the pictures of sweet baby John! And what a sweet family!

  17. Kim Sutton Adair says:

    So precious. What great pictures. I love the balloons and celebration including Warren. I’m sure he’s smiling right through Heaven’s window.

  18. Meghan Streit says:

    Such a beautiful family! Wish I could just squeeze him. Thank you, Jesus, for John. Thanks for sharing these pictures!

  19. Meghan Streit says:

    SUCH a beautiful family and a testament to God’s power through prayers -thank you for sharing!

  20. Abby says:

    He’s a pro cake squisher! And what wonderful pics of all three Stones!

  21. Lindley says:

    I love these pictures!! You’ve really captured John’s joy and sweetness. And I loved the idea of sending balloons to heaven for Warren. So beautiful

  22. Aunt Susan says:

    I enjoyed looking at your photos so much! You definitely captured John as the happy, precious, birthday boy that he is! My favorites are those of your family in the meadow sending balloons up to Warren. You are a beautiful family! Love, Aunt Susan

  23. Jane Julian says:

    Such beautiful pictures!!! Love love love the AMAZING last family picture.

  24. nancy schrum says:

    Gorgeous! He is so so cute! Love the three of you together with the cake but the outside balloon pics are the BEST :)

  25. Susannah says:

    y’all are so precious. beautiful photos of a bittersweet day.

  26. kvp says:

    Such wonderful photos — the last two are my favorites! Oh, and the one of John with all the cake squished in his hand :)

  27. Jenny says:

    John is OUT OF CONTROL precious. You did a fantastic job of capturing that, his parents love, and the little celebration for Warren.

  28. Emily Mendrala says:

    Love them! John’s smile is contagious!

  29. Belen Jonker says:

    Could John be any more darling? I LOVE these pictures. You all look so great. What joy he shines through the photos! Thanks for sharing.

  30. Elizabeth says:

    Jessica, these are wonderful! You did an amazing job. I can’t even pick a favorite, I love them all!

  31. Cally says:

    Oh he is so sweet! Your family is so photogenic! I love all of these pictures!

  32. Jenger says:

    What a beautiful child John is!!! I could not choose a favorite picture, though I did love Meade getting some sugar from John’s sweet ear and the cake ones are adorable.

  33. Lindsey says:

    I loooove these! What a handsome little guy! I love the family picture at the end with a special dedication to Warren. What a sweet picture.

  34. Sharon says:

    What beautiful pictures! He’s so adorable.

  35. Jill Waters says:

    Love these! His sweet smile always makes me smile, too!

  36. Hutch Hutchinson says:

    Nice pictures John; you’re a stud.

  37. Jenny says:

    John is so precious! What beautiful pictures! And I just love the sweet way you included Warren in the shoot. Thanks so much for sharing!

  38. Meg Hutchinson says:

    Great 1st Birthday pictures! I love the 4 blue balloons; what a great idea! Kiss John for me!!!

  39. Alyssa says:

    What an amazing way to capture his 1 year milestone. I can’t believe all the smiles John shares. And so heartwarming how you were able to celebrate Warren, too. Great pictures to last a lifetime!

  40. becca says:

    i can’t decide which picture is my favorite – i love them all! beautiful parents, beautiful baby, beautiful photographs, wonderful photographer :) thanks so much for sharing the link, mary liz. like jessica mentioned, i’m sad your picture package has come to an end, too. i wish i could see more pictures of john every day!

  41. Meredith says:

    These are truly adorable and completely capture John’s beautiful and innocent spirit!

  42. Oh my! John is SO BEAUTIFUL! I cannot get over those gorgeous big, blue eyes! What a sweet boy, and what a FUN celebration. I love the fist full of cake, and I love the ones of the family celebrating Warren together–what a wonderful tribute to him and a sweet way to honor him on his bday as well. Great, great pictures! :)

  43. William says:

    Nice! With his good looks, John clearly takes after his uncle…and I’m not talking about Cole

  44. Cindy says:

    amazing pics! I wish we had been doing this with Wells all along now.

  45. anne cutchins says:

    every single picture is my very favorite!!! i find myself looking at them over and over!!! he is the most beautiful baby…inside and out… i guess toothy grin is my favorite!!!

  46. Laura says:

    What a cutie!! Great pictures. :)

  47. Rhonda says:

    I love love love the picture of all three of you and Mary Liz and Meade are blowing out the candles – John’s just smiling his sweet toothy grin. What a beautiful family.

  48. Mary Meadows says:

    I forgot to mention that the first one with his toothy grin is my favorite!

  49. Mary Meadows says:

    What beautiful pictures! And what a beautiful subject to photograph!

  50. allison says:

    My favorite is when John’s covered in cake. And those big beautiful blue eyes!!! What a handsome boy!

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