Six is a lot of years. a LOT of years. Way passed a toddler and definitely way passed the drooley, toothy smile of this little baby that stole my heart 5 and a half years ago: lauren1-704x1024
When you were just six months old you leaped into my arms and I was hooked. You were the most bubbly, smiliest baby I’d ever seen, and your blue eyes and infectious smile had me wrapped around your little finger. You’ve always been such a girl after my own heart and I can only pray that one day my daughters are as wonderful, funny, sweet, and loving as you are! You are the BEST big sister to Sammy; so patient with him and eager to include him in whatever you’re doing. You’re such a smart girl; I’ve never met someone as eager to learn, and its amazing to watch you figure things out all on your own. I love your beautiful heart and your belief that everyone deserves a ‘happily ever after’. You are the most beautiful princess, and it is such a joy to be a part of your life! Happy 6th Birthday, sweet girl! I love you to the moon and back!

no word is big enough,

miss jessielaurenimg_1071img_1083img_1432

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