Meet Logan! – Hampton Roads Photographer

These are guaranteed to put a smile on your face on this Monday morning :0)

meet Logan, one of the sweetest one year olds I’ve ever met! Some kids around his age can get pretty stranger shy (not always a bad thing) but after walking around with me scoping out the location for about two minutes Logan reached out and jumped into my arms, and i was hooked :0) Hooked on that little toothy grin and those big dark eyes. Logan had his first birthday two weeks ago so it was the perfect opportunity to schedule a session! Holly contacted Nardeen over at Amazing Grace Stables in Carrollton VA and she graciously opened up her property to us for the session.  It was so gorgeous! Perfect light, horses everywhere, and the smiliest baby.. what more could a photographer ask for?!? :0)

i knew it was going to be a GREAT session when this was how it started :0)
img_9367the hat was just a liiiiiittle big for him even though it was a toddler size.. but what i love about this ares his little 4 teeth and sweet smile that you can still see :0) img_9368img_9373i LOVE how he is looking at his daddy in this one! img_9448longest. eyelashes. EVER. i was a little obsessed :0)img_9526img_9575love these sweet moments with his mama :0)
img_9578soon enough he will be running around in his cowboy boots too! img_9653img_9693img_9699img_9744img_9769img_9823a cowboy needs a horse: img_9856img_9902i love everything about these next two images: img_9930img_9934img_9958most definitely a favorite :0) img_0023img_0041
img_0091he was cracking himself up with this hat! img_0141HA i love this! I would take his hat and then throw it on his head, which would produce lots of super cute giggles, but this time i guess i held onto it for a little too long because you can tell he’s thinking “hey lady, you might be funny and all, but give me back my hat!!” :0)img_0152img_0195img_0249Another favorite! Logan was so fascinated by the horses everywhere! Nardeen picked out one in particular for him to get a little bit closer to :0) img_0288img_0319img_0363Now if THAT didn’t brighten up your Monday, i don’t know what will :0)

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  1. becky says:

    These pictures are wonderful!!!! She captured all of you perfectly, i nearly cried.

  2. Judith Johnson says:

    Loved all the pictures of Logan and family. Especially liked Logan looking into the camera and reaching out his hand. Hope to see you all soon.

  3. Holly Aber says:

    Thank you all! Jessie did a wonderful job! I just can’t get over how happy my little cowboy is!

  4. Alissa Winder says:

    Awesome pictures! Logan is a doll. You all are a great-looking family! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Joey Thompson says:

    Beautiful, beautiful pictures. Logan is such a precious little boy and one of the happiest children I have ever met. He always has his charming little smile. You do wonderful work and relly capture some great shots.

  6. Allen and Julia Aber says:

    Subject matter, settings, and composition are all great! Great candid and beautiful moments of three of the loves of our lives! Thank You! Grandma and Grampa Aber

  7. Meredith Wermel says:

    You have such a photogenic little cowboy on your hands. These pictures are so fun! Thank you so much for sharing! You all look precious. What a fun day to have for memories. :)

  8. Suzanne says:

    He’s such a wonderful boy!

  9. Cheryl Mitchell says:

    These photos are great! Logan is a great subject but you caught him in some precious moments. I don’t know that I could pick a favorite. All of them with his parents are especially good too. I am his great-aunt and I will share your site with other family members.

  10. Karalee says:

    HA!! LOgan is m second cousin…he is ADORABLE!!

  11. Maria Carter says:

    Holly, I’m so happy for you and Joel. Logan is such a cutie…watch out you have a ladies man on your hands. I love the pictures with the 3 or you together and the individual parent pictures where Logan has a big smile on his face.

  12. DORINE RICHARD says:

    Holly these pictures are beautiful! Thanks for sharing these precious memories!

  13. Jen says:

    Too cute!

  14. Melanie Ramirez says:

    Your little man is so adorable! Definitely put a smile on my face this morning! Thank you so much for sharing. They are all my favorite!!

  15. Julie Tennant says:

    Holly we knew Logan would be his normal smiling self, but these are amazing. Thank you for sharing them. Jessica seems to find ways to make even the cutest, cuter.

  16. Jaime Paradis says:

    This was the PERFECT way to end my day! I love all of them and I cannot wait to receive AT LEAST one to post on my refrigerator!!!!:-) Beautiful family!

  17. Sharon Huff says:

    The pictures are absolutely amazing! Precious moments in time captured to last forever. Favorites are many, but would have to be with the 3 of you. Thanks for sharing your joy!

  18. Patricia White says:

    Wow! These are beautiful! Of course my grandson is picture-perfect (look at his mommy and daddy), and the photography was able to capture it :)

  19. Brandy Battle says:

    Love the pictures! Logan is adorable and I love that smile!

  20. molly shackelford says:

    Capturing time on paper, for me, is truly one of the greatest gifts we can give to ourselves. Folks think I’m nuts, but from the moment I found out my precious baby girls were coming right up to this very day, I have captured moments that tell stories that need no words. This collection of heartwarming smiles is also a fine example of that ‘needs no caption’ story. And, I have to agree with Leigh M. I have a lump in my throat. My absolute favorite is the one with Holly smooching baby Logan’s little, sweet, soft, yummy neck! and my 2nd fav is the one of him looking up at his mommy, appearing to seek approval as he’s grasping her finger with his whole little chubby hand & with her other hand, she grasps the hand of her beloved. It’s so very tender.

  21. Alex says:

    Great Pics!

  22. Leigh McCready says:

    This is one of my most favorite sessions you’ve done Jessie! They’re so sweet they make me a little weepy!

  23. Brooke Brame says:

    Holly-I love the pictures. They did brighten up this gloomy Monday. The pics of Logan with the cowboy hat are too cute.

  24. Enes Morgan says:

    These pics are remarkable. Picture Perfect! Great for postcards, greeting cards and calendars.

    Your photographer was excellent, but the photographer had some great faces, love and exciting expressions to work with. That little fellow of yours is a ham!

    I truly enjoyed them and yes it did put lots of smiles on my face and joy in my heart.

    Thanks so much for sharing!


  25. Heather Taliaferro says:

    These are amazing! A beautiful smile from a precious little boy ~ priceless :)

  26. Nancy Smith says:

    I love these picture! Logan is such a sweet loving baby! My favorite one is all of them! It is so hard to pick a favorite..

  27. Alicia says:

    Absolutely LOVE this family! Beautiful family and ADORABLE little boy!

  28. Michele Guilford says:

    The pictures are absolutely amazing!!!

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