Natalie Elizabeth: 6 Months! – Newport News Baby Photographer

ETA: One of the great things about my blog company is that I can create and post, and then schedule it to go live in a few days when i’m ready for something new on the blog.. well apparently it just couldn’t wait one more day to share Natalie’s pictures with you! So sorry for the incomplete post that may have popped up earlier when you checked the blog! :0) moving right along…

I was so excited to get miss Natalie back in front of my camera after doing her newborn pictures back in December! I’ve gotten SO many people commenting not only on her newborn session, but on Elizabeth’s maternity session that we did before that, so I know you guys are going to LOVE her six month pictures even more! Six months is seriously the best age, Natalie was fascinated by the camera and I could not get enough of her big blue eyes! Elizabeth got crafty and made both of the headbands that you see on Natalie and I got SO excited when I walked into their bedroom to find Natalie sitting up pretty on their bed like a princess in her pearls and little gold headpiece! So cute!!! She is the best baby, never (and i mean never) fusses and is perfectly content just to sit and watch whats going on or play with her toys, so fascinated by everything! Its so fun to watch them learn new things and start to mimic you at this age! I can already imagine how much she will have changed in another 6 months when we do her 1 year portraits! so crazy! :0)

I’m pretty sure all babies get fascinated with looking at themselves in the mirror, but i LOVE this one of Natalie checkin out the pretty baby in the mirror :0)
img_2405img_2407img_2410these next three pictures are so funny to me because they so accurately represent what it looks like to be 6 months old :0) exhibit A: spit bubbles! img_2421exhibit B: being fascinated with things like your hand and tummy :0) img_2438exhibit C: putting EVERYTHING in your mouth :0) img_2528img_24921
LOVE this one! Elizabeth wanted to make sure we got another shot of Natalie on the dresser next to the jewelry box like we did with her newborn session (seriously, go check it out if you haven’t already!) and I love how this turned out! i can’t wait to see them next to each other!
img_2913img_1010img_1042img_1240love her little belly in this one :0) img_12631img_13631img_14071img_1420Natalie was recently baptized and I was so bummed I wasn’t able to make it! They have the most beautiful keepsake baptism gown that we wanted to make sure we got just a couple pictures in :0)
img_1438img_1462i’m pretty sure this picture is proof that the child really is an angel :0)img_1466img_1486img_1597img_1622once again, EVERYTHING goes in the mouth :0) img_1627perfect little baby bubble :0) img_1659img_1674img_1797img_1828img_1864img_1928img_1964we couldn’t resist.. :0) img_2213img_2243img_2247 Thanks again for sharing your sweet girl with me! Happy Tuesday! :0)

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  1. Mary Margaret says:

    ok so first comment here.:) kind of hard to believe. love this shoot. love this family. Great job Jessie! I love the ones on the bed. All the neutrals make her eyes really pop!

  2. evelyn says:

    OH.MY.GOSH…….what a beauty! she is soooooo photogenic, and absolutly ADORABLE! wow. awesome job jess, amazing. this i think is one of your best shoots. LOVE IT!!!!!

  3. Crystal Pruitt Witte says:

    Beautiful pictures, absolutely stunning! Natalie has the most gorgeous eyes, what a beautiful baby. :-)

  4. Molly says:

    Jessie, these are fantastic! I too, love the dresser shot and those pink tutu shots are Ah-Maz_zing!!! BTW, I was reminded again that her newborn pictures were the best!

  5. Leigh McCready says:

    These are phenomenal! Making me think we’ll need another session :)

  6. Holly Iberg says:

    They are adorable!! I love the ones of Elizabeth and Tommy kissing and Natalie sitting so cute!

  7. I LOVE this family. Natalie is SOOOO CUTE!!!

  8. Megan says:

    love love love! Hope to see you guys soon! :)

  9. Elizabeth says:

    Thank you Jessie! I love how the dresser one turned out. Seeing her next to the jewelry box now- she looks HUGE! Love the photos!

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