The DeLaski Family- Ashburn VA Family Photographer

“love is joy and love is pain
it’s kissing in the rain
it’s doing dishes when it’s late
isn’t it, baby?
it’s the art of compromise
it’s hellos and long goodbyes
it’s the picture of our lives
isn’t it crazy?”
– Joy Williams
This sweet family was SO much fun to photograph! and how precious is this handsome little boy?! meet William, more commonly know as “Scoot!” to his family :)I was so impressed with how these three older kids were SO polite, respectful, and so much fun!! They made my job super easy :)one of my favorites :)one of my favorites! little sneak attack action :)I got to know Rob and Jess back in June since they were both in Duncan and Annie’s wedding party! Jess opened the door when we arrived that day and made us feel SO welcome right from the very first moment. I was beyond thrilled to get her email a week after their wedding wanting to set something up for her own family, and I was so excited to have her and Rob in front of my camera again! :)MELT my heart!! love this next one! gosh these bright eyes and darling freckles are a PERFECT combination :)and i’ll end with one more photo guaranteed to put a big smile on your face :)Happy Monday! :)

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  2. Jess says:

    These are amazing!!!! Thank you Jessie :-)

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