Meet Emma- Magic Kingdom Portrait Session

“Any day spent with you is my favorite day. So, today is my new favorite day.”
– Winnie the pooh I have loved meeting and connecting with so many of you who also consider WDW to be your happy place :) it makes my day every time to hear what this place means to each of you and your families, and then when we’re able to document that in a special way?! it’s the very best. Quality family time first and foremost, Emma running with excitement, her face lighting up whenever she sees Mickey, fun rides, and mickey ice cream bars all have sweet significance to these friends of mine, and I’m grateful they let me document it all! favorite favorite favorite! Emma’s dress is my faaaavorite, and was giving me the sweetest Cinderella vibes! :) it’s ALWAYS a good idea to bring bubbles! those special disney parks bubble wands are truly unlike any other bubble machine I’ve seen!  anytime Emma needed a snack break, it gave us a few minutes to take some photos of Megan and Nick together, and they are some of my favorites from their session!we hopped over to Epcot with hopes of doing some photos around the world showcase, but with the afternoon heat (whew it’s no joke!) and me having to catch a plane, we quickly ran out of time. we were still able to grab a few photos in France, and this photo below was totally worth the trip over! another favorite for sure!every session should end with ice cream!my kinda kid ;) success!!

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